Celebrity Eye Patterns - Updated

I have done this before with Soft Summer eyes, but here's some celebrities of different seasons and their eyes.  click all for larger

Here is Cameron's quintessential sanguine spring eye.
Cameron DiazBuoyant SpringDavid Zyla
Cameron DiazTrue/Warm SpringTruth is Beauty
Cameron DiazLight SpringPretty Your World
Cameron DiazLight Spring30 Something urban girl
Cameron DiazSummerGlowing Color
Cameron DiazLight Spring30 Something urban girl
Cameron DiazSummerKasia Golenia
Cameron DiazTrue/Warm Spring12 Blueprints
Cameron DiazSpringMorgan Delaney
Cameron DiazSpringAcademy of Professional Image

Here are Nicole's sparkling clear stream lymphatic sanguine eyes.

Nicole KidmanIridescent SummerCaygill
Nicole KidmanTrue/Warm SpringTruth is Beauty
Nicole KidmanTrue/Warm SpringYelena Seasonal Color Analysis
Nicole KidmanSubtle BlendedPersonal Style Counselors
Nicole KidmanTrue/Warm SpringPretty Your World
Nicole KidmanTrue/Warm SpringChic Fashionista
Nicole KidmanSpringGlowing Color
Nicole KidmanClear/Bright Spring30 Something urban girl
Nicole KidmanAutumnKasia Golenia
Nicole KidmanSummerMorgan Delaney
Nicole KidmanSpringAcademy of Professional Image
Nicole KidmanType 3Dressing Your Truth

I want to say that Lauren Graham is a contrasting summer, and her eyes might be crackled glass lymphatic phlegmatic, but I'm not sure.  I will have to find some more.

Lauren GrahamTrue/Cool WinterYelena Seasonal Color Analysis
Lauren GrahamTrue/Cool WinterPretty Your World

Here's another

Green is "generally" autumn choleric, according to Greek Medicine based on the four humors,  though the pattern is a bit hard to read in Julianne Moore's eyes (most agree she is a Warm Autumn, though some say Clear Spring).  It is also thought to be Spring by Irenee Riter.  (But Caygill uses green a lot for Winters too).

Juliane MooreAutumnBridgette Raes

Another of Julianne's eye showing a very irregular nerve wreath (aztec sun).

Here's Lindsay Lohan's autumn eye with psora.
Correction, the psora are an Autumn feature, but she also has a Spring starburst.  In CMAS, she is a Spring, elsewhere she's seen as an Autumn.  Warm Autumn and Warm Spring can share the most colors between their palettes.

Lindsay LohanSpringColor Me a Season
Lindsay LohanTrue/Warm AutumnTruth is Beauty
Lindsay LohanSoft AutumnTruth is Beauty
Lindsay LohanTrue/Warm AutumnPretty Your World
Lindsay LohanTrue/Warm AutumnChic Fashionista
Lindsay LohanTrue/Warm Autumn30 Something urban girl
Lindsay LohanSpringBeauty Control
Lindsay LohanTone IIIIlluminEssensce

Another view of Lindsay's unique eye.  It might even be a shaker eye.

Brooke Shield's eye is crisp and deep blue, winter melancholic eyes.
I think...
Brooke ShieldsTrue/Cool WinterYelena Seasonal Color Analysis
Brooke ShieldsTrue/Cool WinterChic Fashionista
Brooke ShieldsSummerBridgette Raes
Brooke ShieldsTrue/Cool Winter30 Something urban girl
Brooke ShieldsTone IIIIlluminEssensce

Here's another... can't quite see the pattern.

Jennifer Connelly's eyes always puzzle me.  They are so clearly autumn (with psora) and yet she is so definitely winter.  Update: now I see from Suzanne Caygill that green is a quite common color for Winter eyes.
Jennifer ConnellyTrue/Cool WinterYelena Seasonal Color Analysis
Jennifer ConnellyTrue/Cool WinterChic Fashionista
Jennifer ConnellySoft WinterDavid Zyla
Jennifer ConnellyTrue/Cool Winter30 Something urban girl


... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


Unknown said…
Can you find my seasonal colour? I have a caramel eyes, with green in the middle, and I have a reddish dark brown hair, and I have peach skin
Jane Leu Rekas said…
There are so many opinions about celebrities. I'm not sure what you're basing yours on. :)
Unknown said…
Lauren Graham could be a clear winter or a clear spring, by her iris pattern.
and Brooke Shields a cool SUMMER. Lindsay Lohan a light summer (lymphatic rosary)
Jennifer Connelly, clearly autumn, yes, deep autumn.


Cameron http://www.glamour.com/images/beauty/2014/01/cameron-diaz-shimmery-eyeshadow-close-w724.jpg eye.
Blended with autumn, a lymphatic summer.
Jane Leu Rekas said…
Eye pattern does not confirm season.
junior said…
But it always matchs. (the problem is, the authors don't agree with the pattern-humour-season correlation)
I think her eyes are spring.
Unknown said…
aka me, yes, and http://www.thenewstrack.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Cameron-Diaz.jpg