Get to a 10!

Haven't you had the experience or realization that when you go to a rack of clothes in a store and look for the colors you like, without also thinking about how they will specifically look on you, you might as well be picking a painting to go on the wall (or hang in your closet and be pretty), because they will NOT necessarily be the right colors for you at all. We can love so many colors, but they may not love us. We can wear colors we enjoy and feel happy, but others will not feel that you are in harmony. Isn't that the whole point?

For example, I love coral, no bueno on me, I would love to wear full on t4, no bueno... etc. and sometimes T2 is so boring, but when I got to 2/4 with the right contrast to match my hair, skin and eyes, nothing is jarring, and it's not ultimately too boring... but I could pick a million "wrong" outfits, that might be super cute, but not in harmony with my whole self, both my natural colors, but also my NATURE, right?

This is also why I sometimes get irked when you see comments in all of these color groups about people's palettes, "oh, what beautiful colors!" Hello! All colors are beautiful. If it isn't the right match for the person, and the palette isn't in a pic WITH the person, how do we know they are beautiful on them? I know that when I saw people put in their colors with Taylore Sinclaire and they looked so amazing that you could breathe and it just felt so right, but they hated them. She makes a strong point that it's not what you like, it's what likes you.

I wonder if a person wears the recommended palette and starts to get compliments or noticed others feel at peace with them, if that isn't reinforcing. Also, within each palette are usually many colors, someone could choose the focus on the ones they like more than the ones they don't. And ultimately this is voluntary. I just often wondered why people seek for answers and then defy them? chuckle

I sometimes marvel at the whole concept that we really can't see ourselves without effort. So the palette is almost a way to have a reference of ourselves. If we could see ourselves easily, we wouldn't spend so much time looking at our hair, eyeballs, blush color, etc. etc. and getting feedback. The more we know how we actually look, in a way is the more we know ourselves, certainly when it comes to being able to choose a wardrobe that is in harmony and reflects us. Over and over it's interesting to see women think they are one type, try it for months or longer, and "realize" they are another, and suddenly pop into frame. I also think that we change over time, emotionally and physically, so a palette we get at one stage in our life, won't be our palette forever. AND every source of palettes is filtered through an artist's vision, and clearly they don't all line up, so sometimes we wiggle around trying to find the system that fits us best too. 

Here Taylore talks about information to get you to a 10!

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


SWriter said…
Thank you Jane for this video. My question is: what does "radiance" mean in the illuminessence program? I noticed she said "notice the radiance" and I'm not sure what she meant by that term in that context. Later she said notice how it "flows" and her face is more noticeable. Was she referring to the color of the lower garment and is that what she meant by radiance?

Thanks again for your valuable and thorough website.
Jane Leu Rekas said…
Radiance is a vague term, it essentially means that you are harmonious, dressing in your tone (equivalent of type). The reference to clothing flowing is only Tone II specific, in that the items should blend together.