Soft Summer Celebrities

Soft Summer Celebrities
and their eyes
Summer cracked glass
Compare to Summer Eye Album

Ellen Pompeo is seen as Soft Summer by Lora Alexander and 30 Something Urban Girl and Soft Summer Light by Pretty Your World.  She is seen as Tone II by IlluminEsssensce.

Katie Holmes is seen as Soft Summer by Lora Alexander, but she's also seen as Type 1 on the Carol Blog and Clear Spring by Morgan Delaney.  At Glowing Color, she is considered Winter.

Angelina Jolie is seen as a Summer by Aura Image Consulting, a Jeweltone Summer in the Caygill method, an Indian Summer in Color Me A Season and Soft Summer Deep by Pretty Your World.  She is also seen as an Autumn by Glowing Color and Morgan Delaney, and a Bronze Autumn by David Zyla. She's seen as a Winter by Academy of Professional Image and a Cool Winter by 30 Something Urban Girl.

Christy Turlington

Sarah Jessica Parker is seen as Soft Summer by 30 Something Urban Girl, Pretty Your World, Truth is Beauty, Chic Fashionista, Yelena Seasonal Color Analysis, and Light Summer by Morgan Delaney.  She is seen as Tone III in IlluminEssensce and Gamine Autumn by David Zyla.

SJP has a wide band around her iris, indicating Summer.

Jada Pinkett Smith isn't seen as a Soft Summer elsewhere.  She's seem as a Warm Spring by Morgan Delaney, a Soft Autumn by Seasonal Color Analysis for Women of Color, a Gamine Autumn by David Zyla, a Winter by Vivendi Fashionista and a Deep/Dark Winter by Chic Fashionista.

Leona Lewis is seen as a Soft Summer at Truth is Beauty, a Soft Autumn by Seasonal Analysis for Women of Color and a Warm Spring at Cardigan Empire.

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