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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Subscribe to Type 3 Vlogger

If you haven't seen this Type 3 blogger/vlogger, go subscribe to her channel.  And visit her blog:  old location

she changed her addresses: 

Catch up on her vids:

Long, Type 3 hair!

  • 1 week ago
I made a video prior to this for a Facebook group I'm a part of (hence the reason I was talking about my hair being pulled back).

My new hair cut.

  • 4 days ago
Not near as often as I should, I get my hair cut. I hate straightening my hair and having to do this before and after the cut only confirmed it. I also talk about an adventure I experienced o…


  • 3 days ago
Help me I can't get out! Setting up the camera to do another video in the drugstore parking lot when I noticed someone was a little too close for comfort.

$5 sunglasses with Type 3 colors!

  • 2 days ago
Went to the drugstore and found the perfect pair of sunglasses in Type 3 colors and only for $5! I mentioned that maybe the sunglasses were in Type 2 colors as I was blinded by the …

My secondary influence and "rebel" color.

  • 1 day ago
What color do you wear that you technically should not? …

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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