Face Shapes: Round

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Face Shapes: Oval

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In Four Type Systems, the round/circle face is considered to be Type 1 (Spring/Air) by most authors including, Caygill, Kitchener, Sinclaire, Wright and Tuttle; however Kentner and Riter associate the round/circle face with Summer/Water. 

However, it should be noted that this is not supported by Chinese face reading, Greek humors (in this case Phlegmatic) or astrology.

Keep in mind people disagree wildly as to what each face shape looks like and which celebrities have which face shape.  It is somewhat subjective!

How to tell if your ROUND face shape is type 1 or type 2 (no one associated round with type 3 or type 4).

A classic TYPE One with an round face is Cybill Shepard.  

  • Cybill Shepard is a light summer 1/2 with a round face (which actually can look different in different pictures).
  • The Greeks say that the Phlegmatic will have an round face, in this case that humor is secondary to her dominant Sanguine nature.

The T1 that is most likely to have a round face is 1/2.  

Carey Mulligan is another T1 with a round face.

Remember, an round face that is T1 will have a convex profile, which is very youthful because the nose often goes up and the chin goes forward.
actually her profile might be mixed (in the chin)

Notice that the hair will be BRIGHT AND WARM.

Don't forget that the T1 can also have an oval face.

A classic Type Two with an round face is Joni Mitchell.

  • The Chinese say the water element is associated with the round face.
  • The Greeks also say the Phlegmatic face shape is round.

Remember, an round face that is T2 will have a concave profile, with a nose that usually goes down or is flat, and the face is very yin because the chin recedes.  They won't necessarily look youthful, but age gracefully. 
her profile might be a bit mixed

Notice that the hair will be MUTED AND COOL.

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