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Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Not To Wear: The original BBC Version

Print out your own personalized rules for what to wear.  Mine follow:

If you've got long legs, there'll be times when you simply want to blend in with the crowd instead of towering above it.
  • Avoid clothes with vertical lines, such as pinstripe suits.
  • Don't wear one colour top-to-toe.
  • Low-waisted, bootcut or straight leg trousers are great for long legs.
  • Opt for low kitten heels rather than flat shoes.

Although your shoulders may be average, you may not want to draw attention to them. If this is the case, avoid the following:
  • Delicate tops with spaghetti straps.
  • Halter-necked tops.
  • Slash-necked tops.

Big boobs are great - in their place! Show off your assets tastefully, creating a womanly, voluptuous figure rather than in an obvious, glamour girl way.
  • Ensure that you wear a bra that fits you properly and creates a smooth line beneath your clothes. The right bra will lift your breasts and give definition to your waist.
  • Avoid tight-waisted or box jackets that will make your bust appear larger. Instead, opt for fitted jackets that skim the figure rather than hug it. Long jackets with a single button are a good option.
  • Avoid chunky knit tops.
  • Choose low, sweetheart necklines, fitted under the boobs to create a waist. V-necks are great because they break up the expanse of your chest.
  • Avoid high necklines that make your boobs look like they start from under the chin
  • Watch out for 'pulling' on shirts.
  • Straight-legged trousers should be avoided at all costs. Instead choose bootleg trousers or A-line skirts to balance out the boobs.
  • Don't wear long pendant necklaces.

Straight up and down need not be a problem; what you need is a little definition around the waist area, so let us set you on the road to womanly curves...
  • Avoid shapeless dresses. Opt instead for fitted clothes.
  • Go for simple necklines that taper in beneath the bust to create a waistline.
  • Hipster trousers are great for creating a waistline.

Wobbly bellies are a common trait of the 'apple' body shape and a frequent source of frustration to the not-so-proud owner. Make sure you go shopping armed with our tummy-concealing tips.
  • Flat-fronted trousers and skirts are really flattering for a larger tummy. Try to avoid pleats and front zips - side and back zips are a much more flattering option.
  • Low-waisted trousers make the stomach look smaller.
  • Don't wear anything that's gathered at the waist.
  • Wear soft, forgiving fabrics that don't cling to the tummy.
  • Wrap-around tops create folds across the tummy that detract from any other rippling in that area.
  • Avoid belted jackets and coats - the belt will ride up and give the impression that you're pregnant.

While child-bearing hips are great for that earth-mother look, there will be times when you want to conceal your more voluptuous areas.
  • Don't wear dresses and skirts that cling or are bias-cut.
  • Avoid narrow-legged trousers and tapered, knee-length skirts.
  • Avoid belts that pull you in at the waist - you don't want to create an even greater contrast from waist to hip.
  • Opt for A-line skirts and bootleg trousers that balance out the hips and thighs.
  • Skirts or dresses with a frilled hem are a flattering choice.
  • Trousers with detail, such as side pockets, will make you look wider.
  • Wear slash-necked tops to broaden shoulders and balance out the hips and thighs.
  • Choose longer line, fitted jackets. Never wear box jackets which emphasise a pear shape.
  • Avoid cropped tops.
  • V-necked tops are great for drawing the eye away from the hip area.
  • Wearing the same colour on the top and bottom is very slimming.

We all have off days, and if you've ever asked the question: "Does my bum look big in this?", try these tips:
  • Avoid lighter colours on your bottom. Darker colours are always more slimming.
  • Avoid trousers with pleats and other details, such as pockets or pinstripes.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes.

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