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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My colors

My Cool Summer Colors:
Most likely pants colors
Charcoal, Cool Grey, Grey, Khaki, Taupe
Mostly likely shirt colors
Pale pink beige, Icy Pink, Rose, Soft Fuscia, Red-violet,
Raspberry, Hot Dusty Purple, Dusty Purple, Lavendar,
Periwinkle, Navy, Dark Aqua, Lt Aqua, True Aqua,
Sea Green, Emeral Green, Evergreen
Next best, Cool Winter Colors:
Next most likely pants colors
Black, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey
Next most likely shirt colors
Rose pink, Hot pink, Magenta, Deep Rose,
Deep Mauve, Blue-red, Dark Purple, Purple,
Icy Blue, Bold Periwinkle, Royal Blue, Navy,
Lt emeral green, Lt yellow

Note missing: White

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