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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


yes, I need a bra fitting! will blog on that later
Update: I went to get measured and sure enough, I've been wearing the wrong bra size.  I bought one new one and will get more soon.

Here's the same shirt with new bra for comparison.
I was wearing a 36D and was sized 34E.

How to find your perfect silhouette for sewing:

Happy Grrls: What Body Type Are You: Find the best styles suited to your shape...
Hourglass ?
You can tell a woman has an hourglass figure when she has a bust, small bone structure, defined waist, curved hips, shapely legs, and sometimes a protruding bottom. You definitely have curves, so why not show them off?
So what styles are best suited for your shape? Because you have a defined waist, drawing attention to your waist by wearing pants with a contoured waistband, belts, or wrap tops that sit just at your waist, is a great way to accentuate your assets. Stick with clothing that is semi-fitted as opposed to too fitted or tight. Stay away from oversized or baggy styles since they will overpower your bone structure. Every magazine states that having an hourglass figure is the dream figure to have, so make sure you wear clothes that accentuate your curves.

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