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SEGERSTROM Type 3: mutli-colored earth tones, textured earth tones (warm, earthy, rich)
CALLAWAY Autumn: rich earthy colors, made by blending colors, no pure colors; worn analogously or monochromatically with accent of contrast
DONNER The Dynamic: sunset colors, full, warm, rich, yellow based medium to dark
WRIGHT Firelight Type 3: warm, lively colors, more intensity, mainly shades, no primary colors
GARZA & LUPO Earth: the soft reflection and warmth of the Earth, sumptuous earth tones

You may be a Dominant Type 3 (Types & Tones), Choleric* personality if you identify with a majority of these adjectives and you have the facial features said to be associated as well. Of course you will have the other features in a lesser degrees, the next one being your Secondary. For all of the types' adjectives, go here.  The neutrals each type wear.

These adjectives are summarized from all the four types systems authors. 
If an adjective is bold or larger, it was used in more than one.

Cholerics: hard, extroverted, expressive, quick reactions of long duration, unemotional, high self-esteem, optimistic (sometimes cranky?)

Type 3: abrupt, loud, direct, impatient, "get to the point", triangle shape

*I make the correlation with the Greek Humors, the type systems do not.

Type 3 Animal Print
Type 3 Dresses
Type 3 Jeans
Type 3 Jewelry
Soft Autumn Lippies!
True/Warm Autumn Lippies!
Dark Autumn Lippies!

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Type 3 Autumn Hair

  • rich and choppy
  • bronzed hair (and skin)
  • streaks or chunky highlights added for texture
  • if straight, no fuss
  • if blonde, will be warm with lowlights
  • if brunette, will be warm may have red tones
  • rarely black and less often gray

short hair by type

painting by

Awakening Beauty

"Choleric Temperament: Let's Get it Done - Now!
When you are in the choleric temperament, you are a doer and a leader. You take on challenges and get things done... The ancient Greeks associated this temperament with the fire element -- and, indeed, when you are in choleric temperament, your emotions tend to fiery. But as stress builds, your determination can turn into stubbornness.  Your attention to detail and insistence on making things right can become the basis for frustration and outbursts of anger... Whenever an imbalanced choleric nature arises, it's time to relax, back up, and exhale... When you find your choleric temperament out of control, take a warm lavender bath.  Lavendar cools and relaxes the body.  It reduces tension and inflammation.  As the tension dissipates, circulation improves... Spend time in nature... Get a massage, listen to soft music, and talk about your inner conflicts and frustrations with someone who loves and supports you... Meanwhile, increase your consumption of cooked vegetables, avoid spicy foods, and reduce or eliminate alcohol."

Tone I (4)Tone I Jewelry (1) Tone I Pants (1) Tone I Scarves (1) Tone I Shirts (1) Tone I Shoes (1) Tone I Skirts (1) Tone II (6)Tone II Jewelry (1) Tone II Pants (1)Tone II Scarves (1) Tone II Shoes (1)Tone II Skirts (1) Tone III (6) Tone III Jewelry (1) Tone III Pants (1) Tone III Scarves (1) Tone III Shirts (1) Tone III Shoes (1) Tone III Skirts (1) Tone IV(6) Tone IV Jewelry (1) Tone IV Pants(1) Tone IV Scarves (1) Tone IV Shirts(1) Tone IV Shoes (1) Tone IV Skirts (1)true summer (1) Truth (1) twins (4)Type 1 (5) Type 2 (5) Type 2 or 4 (5) Type 3 (4) Type 4 


  1. You may be a Dominant Type 3 (Types & Tones), Choleric* personality if you identify with a majority of these adjectives and you have the facial features said to be associated as well.

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