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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Travel Wardrobe

Europe Capsule

I'm trying to figure out my travel capsule wardrobe.
Rick Steve's Packing List for Women
 2 pairs of walking/comfortable shoes (one closed toe/one open, weather permitting)  1 rainproof jacket  2 pairs of shorts/capris (shorts are fine on the beach, but not in churches; capris are OK anywhere)  2 pairs of pants (one dressy, one casual; cotton blend is recommended: when washed, it dries faster than jeans)  1 belt (optional)

Here's what I will be doing each day.
Thur. 6/15/17 - I need an outfit for transatlantic flight.
Fri. 6/16/17 - same outfit
Sat. 6/17/17 - outfit for beach town (Margate and Broadstairs, UK)
Sun. 6/18/17 - second day
Mon. 6/19/17 - outfit for train and flight to Ireland
Tues. 6/20/17 - outfit for country Kerry Co.
Wed. 6/21/17 - outfit for flight back to London
Thurs. 6/22/17 - outfit to fly to Scotland
Fri. 6/23/17 - outfit for concert Northern Roots
Sat. 6/24/17 - outfit for flight to Zurich
Sun. 6/25/17 - do laundry, outfit for Zurich, dinner?
Mon. 6/26/17 - outfit to drive to Fribourg, dinner
Tuesday 6/27/17 outfit to drive to Bullet
Wed. 6/28/17 - outfit hanging out at tattoo studio, drive back to Zurich
Thurs. 6/29/17 - outfit for visiting Louvre, dinner
Fri. 6/30/17 - outfit for transatlantic flight home
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