Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Palettes and Personality Videos

Glorious Spring
CMAS GLORIOUS SPRING —  [spring-autumn personality description]

 Pastel Spring
CMAS PASTEL SPRING —  [spring-summer personality description]

 Striking Spring
CMAS STRIKING SPRING — [spring-winter personality description]

Moonlight Summer
CMAS MOONLIGHT SUMMER —  [personality description]

 Indian Summer
CMAS INDIAN SUMMER —  [summer-autumn personality description]

Sunshine Summer
CMAS SUNSHINE SUMMER — [summer-spring personality description]

Golden Autumn (Absolute)
CMAS GOLDEN AUTUMN —  [autumn-spring personality description]

 Gentle Autumn
CMAS GENTLE AUTUMN — [autumn-summer personality description]

 Striking Autumn
CMAS STRIKING or BRONZE AUTUMN —  [autumn-winter personality description]

 Snowfrost Winter
CMAS SNOW FROST WINTER —   [winter-summer personality description]

Sunset Winter

CMAS SUNSET WINTER —  [winter-autumn personality description]
Firelight Winter

CMAS FIRELIGHT WINTER —  [winter-spring personality description]

 I do two types of palettes:
Color Profiles (TM) and Color Me A Season.

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