Sunday, April 30, 2017

Caygill Early Springs

My friend asked me which Early Spring she would be.  You can see her color analysis at my portfolio.  The four Early Spring categories are not described much beyond their adjectives.  Truth be told, Caygill used a lot of adjectives for subtypes without describing how they were defined.

They are all listed as having the same underlying paint colors (see below).  My friend's eyes are more likely to be considered Floral Spring in Caygill's categories, because that is where you see Raw Umber added.  However, a few of the images of the Early Springs do appear to have hazel eyes, so it's confusing.

I named her fan "Light on Water" and so I pick the Water-Lily, Fresh.

T1/2 Spring with Summer: Light Spring, Pastel Spring

Suzanne Caygill Four Early Springs:

Click for images:

All Caygill Early Springs:
Skin tone color: raw umber, lemon yellow, chromium oxide.
Eye color: transparent viridian, cerulean, Payne's grey.
Hair color: raw umber, lemon yellow.




Floral Spring Eyes

Color: The Essence of You
by Suzanne Caygill

1980 classic, collector's Edition. Behind most of modern color analysis. Used over $400, wow. (Search for her on pinterest)

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