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Fantastical Beauty by Kati L Moore

Self-Typing Instructions:

Valkyrie: Subtle S-Curve, Full Face

Maenad: Moderate S-Curve, Full Face
Dragon Princess: Major S-Curve, Full Face

Fae: Subtle S-Curve, Linear Face
Nymph: Moderate S-Curve, Linear Face
Mermaid: Major S-Curve, Linear Face

Magic Queen: Subtle S-Curve, Balanced Face
Angel: Moderate S-Curve, Balance Face
Seer: Major S-Curve, Balanced Face


amazons (also found in Nymph) more group-oriented, flashier, optionally quite colorful- jungle flowers
werewolves sticking to the thicker, plusher, and rougher textures of Valkyrie, more group-oriented, hotter blooded, wild/free, playful
godiva a gentler warrior, open persona, more polish in appearance, more overtly romantic
raven rider (pinboard ) textured blacks, blends dressy and casual, punk influence, mysterious


garden fairies (guide) very colorful, splashy, put-together, healthful, varied, fun
elves less floaty, long lines, more reserved mood
nixies dark colors (esp. black), darker vibe/mood, "bite of the night", ferocious and queen-ly in vibe
pixie puck (pinboard ) also Nymph and Mermaid- a light-footed lover, arranging the love lives of others, lush, romantic, and a bit androgynous


sorceress reds/berries, hawks, lover
imp mischievous for the sake of it (chaotic element), more energetic, small details, and a bit darker but still bright, playful.
enchantress (guide) lower contrast, behind-the-scenes, renaissance, charm
necromancer quite dark, head to toe, a moody impression, and probably have celestial motifs to play with, very mysterious.


vampires leather and velvet, mystery, dangerous, bondage influence, leather, dark color scheme, plush fabrics, both fitted and draped, lover/seductress and death dealer when necessary
jinn a powerful being who could grant wishes, sheers, airiness, shimmery
satyress playful, boyish, earth and sea tones, quick to laugh
riders sensual and dangerous, set in the woods, regal yet solitary, queen to their creatures, furs


kitsune (guide) orange/red/blue, lusher and less polished, woodsy but lush/plush
centaur mysterious readers of the stars, antsy/wary, fighters
nyx (guide) more polished/linear/stiffer/darker, boss lady, cool colors, goddess of night
woodland puck (guide , pinboard) boyish, mostly black clothing, punk, unusual makeup, mischeif. see also a variation of puck in fae and mermaid
heket (pinboard)  darker/brighter, splashy prints, more imposing, tropical vacation vibes, visions/hallucinations/mental play, fertility frog goddess


dark/fallen angels rougher around the edges, a little grunge, a pinch of earth, dark colors, fighters
iris  embodiment of the rainbow, messenger of the gods, script, words, poetry, natural fabrics, wraps, mysterious
soul guardian personal shadow of death, guiding light in life, lightness and shadow, ethereal, commanding, companion, justice and judgement
star woman (pinboard ) altruistic, sensual, lover of all beings, unselfconscious, joyous, playful.


cupcake princess (polyvore) rococo, lovers, sweet, soft, pastels, sugar, lightness, sheers, fluffy
harpies (guide) fierce, alert, spirit of wind, wings, fighter guardians,
mother of dragons the queen, the matriarch, the leader, elongated draping,  
also phoenix, solar dragons, lunar dragons, lucky water dragons


selkie (guide) soft and deep coloring, variety of textures especially suede and leather, grounded, battle-ready
lamia (guide) serious/moody, transformation of grief, longer lines, languid, relaxed
sea puck (pinboard ) also Nymph and Fae- boyish, unusual makeup, sheers, lightness of being, mischief


banshee tweed, country styles and mood, farm, earthy colors, fighters and defenders
lady luck plays up reds, metals, with sequins and coin motifs, low-cut designs, overtly sexy, Jessica Rabbit, she's the boss
reaper (guide) a bit morbid, lots of black, mostly serious, deliciously goth, modest
sirens (guidestormy, draping, modern, subtly sexy, sharper shapes, singer/rockstar/musicians, optional short hair,

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