Unusual Seasons

Many Color Analysis Systems are based upon combination of the 4 main seasons to create 12.  There are other systems that have more seasons or some unusual seasons.

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Warm/True Spring (Shaded) aka Golden, or Glorious Spring (CMAS) True Spring: Warm-ness! Saturation is mid to fairly high. Value is medium. undertone: yellow, overtone will also be warm, hence “Warm Spring” Clear/Bright Spring (Pure) aka Blue Spring, Vital Spring or Striking Spring (CMAS) Bright Spring: Brightness! Value is medium, not too dark. Neutral warm. undertone: clear pink, may have olive or porcelain skin, overall neutral Light Spring (Tinted) aka Pastel Spring (CMAS) Light Spring: Lightness! Saturation is medium. Neutral warm heat level. undertone: light peach pink, with slightly blue or cool overtone, creating a neutral skin with slightly green cast Cool/True Summer (Pure) aka Sweetpea Summer, Jeweltone Summer, Moonlight Summer (CMAS) True Summer: Coolness! Saturation is medium. Value is medium. undertone: soft mauve, overtone will also be cool, hence “Cool Summer” Light Summer (Tinted) aka Cottonwool Ball Summer, Sunshine Summer (CMAS) Light Summer: Lightness! Saturation (clearness) is low-medium. Neutral cool heat level. undertone: light blue with slight warm yellow overtone, creating green cast Soft Summer aka Brown Summer, Indian Summer (CMAS) Soft Summer: Softness! Value (darkness range) is medium. Cool to neutral heat. undertone: medium grayed blue, with slightly warm overtone, creating neutral skin True/Warm Autumn aka Leaf Autumn, Absolute Autumn (redhead) or Golden Autumn (CMAS) True Autumn: Warmness Saturation is medium. Value is medium to med-dark. undertone: medium golden orange brown, overtone will also be warm, hence “Warm Autumn” Soft Autumn Light (see Deep below) aka Gentle Autumn (CMAS) Soft Autumn: Softness! Value is medium. Warm to neutral heat. undertone: amber and blue overtone, may appear coppery, neutral Deep/Dark Autumn (Shaded) aka Blue Autumn, Striking Autumn (CMAS) Dark Autumn: Darkness! Saturation is medium to fairly high. Neutral warm heat. undertone: dark red orange, with slightly cool overtone, neutral skin Cool/True Winter (Tinted) aka Jewel Winter, Sultry Winter, Snowfrost Winter (CMAS) True Winter: Coolness! Saturation is mid to high. Value is mid to fairly dark. undertone: blue to purple, overtone will also be cool, hence “Cool Winter” Clear/Bright Winter (Pure) aka Sprinter Winter, Firelight Winter (CMAS) Bright Winter: Brightness! Value is medium to fairly dark. Neutral cool. undertone: strawberry red, with light bisque complexion, neutral skin Deep/Dark Winter aka Burnished Winter, Sunset Winter (CMAS) Dark Winter: Darkness! Saturation is medium. Neutral cool heat. undertone: mulberry with possible warm overtone, neutral skin CAYGILL Early Spring: Light, Bright, Warm. Golden Spring: Light, Bright, Warm. Sandy Spring: Light, Bright, Warm. Floral Spring: Light, Bright, Neutral. Vital Spring: Dark, Intense, Neutral. Crystal Spring: Light, Bright, Neutral, Gray Hair. Iridescent Summer: Light, Muted, Cool. Rosetone Summer: Light, Muted, Cool. Twilight Summer: Dark, Muted, Neutral. Dusk Summer: Dark, Muted, Neutral. Jeweltone Summer: Dark, Muted, Cool. Platinum Summer: Light, Muted, Neutral, Gray Hair. Metallic Autumn: Light, Toasted, Warm. Mellow Autumn: Dark, Toasted, Warm. Bronze Autumn: Dark, Toasted, Warm. Exotic Autumn: Dark, Toasted, Warm. Tawny Autumn: Light, Toasted, Neutral. Pewter Autumn: Light, Toasted, Neutral, Gray Hair. Classic Winter: Dark, Intense, Neutral. Soft Winter: Dark, Shaded, Cool. Dynamic Winter: Dark, Intense, Neutral. Tropical Winter: Dark, Intense, Warm. Exotic Winter: Dark, Intense, Neutral. Patrician Winter: Light, Shaded, Cool. Many more subseasons. Color Breeze Regular "The Warm Spring wears only the warmest clear colors, creating a golden glow. The Light Spring is the lightest Spring, needing light but somewhat bright colors. The Clear Spring can wear the brightest and purest warm colors. The Light Summer often gets mistaken for a Spring. But you need coolness and softness. The Cool Summer is pure coolness. Soft cool colors are best; avoid any warmth. The Deep Autumn has the depth of a Winter but the warmth of an Autumn. The Warm Autumn avoids any cool colors, embracing beautiful golden earthones. The Deep Winter flows into the Deep Autumn. Think deep and bright colors. The Cool Winter flows into the Cool Summer season. Avoid warmth. The Clear Winter is the brightest Winter. Think bright and cool."


Light Spring Soft (Toned)
Soft Summer Light (Toned) Soft Summer Deep (Shaded) Soft Autumn Deep (Toned) Deep Winter Soft (Toned)
ColorBreeze Soft Seasons
The Smokey Soft Winter is all cool but can't handle the brightness most winters can. The Smokey Soft Winter is all cool but can't handle the brightness most winters can. 101 saves 11 Likes Saved from prettyyourworld.com Save SendLike Learn more at prettyyourworld.com prettyyourworld.com The Toasted Soft Winter needs a touch of softness and has a touch of warmth to it. The Toasted Soft Autumn is a Soft Autumn further toasted with brown. The Smokey Soft Autumn is the deeper Soft Autumn with a touch of grey. The Dusty Soft Autumn is the lightest Soft Autumn with a dusting of grey. The Sunlit Soft Autumn is soft, light, muted Autumn with a sunkissed warmth to it. The Smokey Soft Summer is deep, rich and cool. Smokey cool colors look fantastic. The Toasted Soft Summer is a darker soft summer with a touch of warmth. The Dusty Soft Summer is light, muted and all cool. Learn more about this season. Sunlit Soft Summer is a light, muted Summer with a touch of warmth. The Dusty Soft Spring is a Spring who has a slight dusting, creating a need for softness. The Sunlit Soft Spring needs warmth, a little brighness but not as much as most Springs.

  Paintbox Spring
"There is one designation that doesn't fall neatly into any of the above categories. A Paintbox Spring is a classification used by House of Colour to denote someone who suits all of the strongest and brightest Spring colours, both those at the warmest and cooler end of the palette. Falling somewhere between Bright and True in its warmth level, Paintbox Springs need saturation and contrast in their outfits to look their best." Kettlewell  Colors http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/blog/spring-explaining-the-different-types

Deep/Cool/Dark Summer 
"Deep Summer sits at the very coolest, wintery end of the Summer palette when all four seasons are viewed as one linked spectrum. Its colours are, unsurprisingly, the darkest and brightest Summer colours, and often work best with a degree of contrast not found with other types of Summer. Dark Summers can often be mistaken (or mistake themselves) for Winters, with a bright or dark look about them, and it is only with a professional analysis with precision dyed drapes that the difference can be seen. " Kettlewell http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/blog/summer-explaining-the-different-types

Vibrant/Warm Autumn 
"This is the end of the Autumn palette with the most vibrancy and brightness, with many colours that initially look like they belong to Spring, but on closer inspection have the added depth and golden undertones of the Autumn palette. Much like their colours, vibrant autumns often look like Springs until they are properly analysed, and often have a very light bright look compared to other autumns. Your best colours are vibrant grass green, warm tomato red and the brightest golden browns." Kettlewell http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/blog/autumn-explaining-the-different-types

Winters at Kettlewell http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/blog/winter-explaining-the-different-types
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