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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Body Types

McJimsey Style Types (similar to Kentner)

McJimsey Style Types & Quiz

It occurred to me that the style types (I use McJimsey and Kentner) are somewhat limited in the body types for which they work.  I'm starting to think about what modifications we can make for different body types to the styles.

I was inspired by Rebel Wilson's encouragement to all women to love their bodies, where she spoofed the Victoria Secret's angels, and the #Iamnoangel "I am no angel" campaign of Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant's "I am no angel" campaign

Factors unrelated to Body Type

Not all of the style suggestions by McJimsey, Kentner and even Kibbe relate to your height and body dimensions, because of course there are many that relate to your hair, face shape, eyes, mannerisms, etc.  So how can we determine which guidelines come from which of your features?  Also, those that are not related to body type can then be used by anyone, such as fabrication being a primary example.

I still have more thinking to do on this.

Body Types

First, what about the two main body types that don't fit anywhere?
Which are the most likely styles for the Apple and Pear body types?

Apple in the StylesPear in the Styles


Dramatic is the lean column, but could extend to the rectangle. But what happens if one were any of the other body types?


Natural/Athleic is most likely the Inverted Triangle. But what happens if one were any of the other body types?
  • Natural: sturdy, muscular or athletic, broader square shoulders, more toned than fleshy, average to tall, wholesome outdoorsy

Classic is also probably a lean column, but since it is the most balanced type, could probably have more leeway?  But what happens if one were any of the other body types?
  • Classic: hips and shoulders are narrow and similar in size, balanced figure, toned but not highly muscular, average height and body type, mature


Romantic is most likely the neat hourglass and can extend to the full hourglass (but is an hourglass limited only to the Romantic style?)
  • Romantic: hourglass figure, pear-shaped figure, long legged, slight fleshy, mature, average height to short

INGENUE (the young or shorter Romantic)
Ingenue is most likely a petite neat hourglass.  But what happens if one were any of the other body types?
  • Ingenue: small boned, dainty, feminine, more fleshy than bony, roundness in elbows and knees rather than angularity, (short or young romantic), the most Yin

GAMINE (the young or shorter Dramatic)

Gamine is most likely a petite lean column.  But what happens if one were any of the other body types?
  • Gamine: boyish, rectangular, small and straight, slender but never fragile, sturdy but never large build, compact, small boned, small to medium height, (short or young natural or dramatic)

Angelic is probably the lean column. But what happens if one were any of the other body types?
  • Angelic: narrow hips and shoulders, very slight build, delicate, tendency to be very thin, model's or ballerina's body

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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