How to photograph your eye

You can get a fairly quality pic (for an amateur) of your eye pattern if you follow these tips:

  • If can, enlist the help of another person, but explain to them what you need.
  • You want to pull your eyelids back, either just by opening your eye wide or with your fingers, so that you see the whole circumferance of your iris in the picture.
  • You want to look at the lens straight on.
  • Once you have the full pic, you can crop it to just your iris.
  • You may try taking the pic in a mirror, with the camera phone display reflected in the mirror and lens up fairly close to your eye, and 
  • If your pic is blurry, which it will be at first, do anything you can to eliminate movement or shaking.
  • If you are using a camera phone, consider buying a wide angle lens.
  • Be prepared to take upwards of 20 shots before you get the hang of it.
Also remember that your eye pattern may be different than your dominant season.
Yeah, it's not pretty, so crop it.
set your phone on close up


both too blurry!!!

Pictures I've taken before of my eye, without the lens:
This is adequate to see Summer crackled glass.

These were not taken with the intention of look at my eye patterns, and are not facing the camera or showing enough of the iris.

My eye taken with the lens:
My eye pattern, close up.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane