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Monday, December 12, 2011

Split Definition - My Two Selves

My Mind

I am designed to think and worry, but need to decide how much attention to place upon this.  I am able to guide others with my perceptiveness and step-by-step thought process, when there really is something to fix.

I try to fix everything with mental solutions. I think I have an answer for everything, but may just want to get things off my mind; I need to use discernment.

I have pressure to find answers, to focus on logic.  I am constantly surveying my environment and evaluating validity and effectiveness.  I am by nature a Doubting Thomas.

I am designed with introspection is to look inward, to study and to investigate – in order to be prepared. Always thinking, thinking, thinking, a born problem-solver and abstract thinker.

I ponder all the possibilities, constant quest examining everything, religion, philosophies, history.

Genius, knowing is updated moment by moment, finding collective formulas, inner breakthroughs, when you're ready. The unique, different mind, that is truly open.

The Gate of Insight is the energy of awareness and knowing. To communicate the observed insight successfully, however, you need to wait to be recognized before speaking. The voice of this channel is, ''I know''.

My Body

You have a drive to be active and are happiest when you are busy. The key to success is to be immersed in something you love. You don't appreciate being distracted. It is vital that you're engaged with people and projects you love.

No one is better at getting things done in a crisis. The unique combination of might energy with gentle intuition means you weild your powerful hand in a velvet glove. Bring healing to others, but remember to meet your own needs first.

You are in the flow of life and have an incredible knack for the right timing. It's also about knowing when to introduce something or someone new into your environment and when to change directions in your life.

Yearning for a voice and recognition, finding the words to express what we are uniquely, deep melancholy, yearning to make a difference with our presence in life, empowering uniqueness. You prefer to be left alone and be left to your own devices, but also to draw attention.

This to me relates to sometimes having difficulty finding the right words to express my deeper or transcendant thoughts to the world. They often come out too abstract or nearly unintelligible to others.

Fixed Rhythms energy is a mechanical need to have fixed rhythm in your life. Your habits will have an unconscious push to have rhythm. Perhaps you eat at 6 pm and nothing should interfere with that schedule.

 The archetypal humanitarian, seeing all people as one big family. You believe in equality and fairness. You connect to all walks of life.

Intuitive clarity: contemplation and recognition of what deeds should be brought into form.

Needing someone to give me guidance
I can constantly waste energy by being too busy

Intuitive clarity in the now, spleen, integration gate, complex, to
penetrate the other through listening to them, relationship, fear of
tomorrow, what changes in relationships due to communication.

health and success of the form, power of memory and recognition,

Caring is nurturing energy and is the need to care and take care of one another. This caring is tribal and is directed toward family, group or team. It is about providing nourishment and protection to preserve the unit.

deepest thirst for knowing and truth

The Game Player energy is the struggle for the meaning of life, the struggle to find your divine connection. Through the struggle you become incredibly wise about the meaning of life. The shadow side is the fear that life has no meaning.

This is the tendency to forever overextend yourself and commit to things before knowing if they are truly right for you. Commitment becomes a gift when you only truly commit to the right things.

This energy is the drive to say ''Yes''. It may lead to over commitment, but the energy includes the perseverance to push through where others quit.

Your experiences come so thick and fast you must retreat from time
to time to take complete breaks. Your difficulty is knowing when to
do so, if you don't, you face chronic fatigue.

anger outbursts when chasing. Restlessness, asking "what does it all mean?"

The sense that the wheel needs to turn. It is not a logical next step, but a sense that this is the right direction to go. Like walking around a wheel there will need to be another step and then another step to keep the wheel turning.

Intrinsic sense of responsibility towards family and community you serve.

Friendship is the family or tribal side of community. This is the emotional side of being part of the tribe. There is always a strong underlying desire to be part of a group, family or community.

You have rich imagination. Tendency towards fantasy. Find an inner balance between giving and receiving. The genetic wheel of samsara, dreamy, hyperactive, anticipation, emmanation.
It is an emotional energy of regrouping in preparation for the next expansion.

Introspection is to look inward, to study and to investigate – in order to be prepared. When you think about those words you can see that these are strategies that would be useful in overcoming insecurity.

You have the abillity to teach material well-being. Dominance, timid, pompous, synergy, communion.The Gatherer energy is about having control of things and allowing others to use those things for a price. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental this energy seeks reward for allowing others to use what is yours.

how gender differences fascinate us, transcending sexual identity in ways it might block communication. A radar beacon emitting an offer of intimacy to see who will respond. An eagerness to give birth to new projects. Stay aligned with your authority. Transmute sacral activity to sacred activity.

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