Human Design

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Human Design

Human Design Rave Chart: Jane 10/27/65 11:07 am SF, CA

My Channels:
  • Channel of Charisma or Keeping Busy - 20/34 North Node - South Node
  • From the Throat to the Sacral.  You have a drive to be active and are happiest when you are busy.  The key to success is to be immersed in something you love.  You don't appreciate being distracted.  It is vital that you're engaged with people and projects you love.
  • Channel of the Archetype/Power - 34/57 South Node - Subconscious Mars
  • From thee Sacral to the Spleen.  Connection from raw energy of the sacral to the survival instincts of the spleen.  No one is better at getting things done in a crisis.  The unique combination of might energy with gentle intuition means you weild your powerful hand in a velvet glove.  Bring healing to others, but remember to meet your own needs first.
  • Channel of Logical Mind - 63/4 Subconscous Saturn - Subconscious Moon
  • From the Ajna to the Crown.  You are designed to think and worry, but to also decide how much attention to place on this and when.  You are able to guide others with your perceptiveness and step-by-step thought process, when there really is something to fix.
  • Channel of Rhythm - 15/5 Jupiter – Moon, Mars and Subconscious South Node
  • From the Sacral to the G/Self.  You are in the flow of life and have an incredible knack for the right timing.  It's also about knowing when to introduce something or someone new into your environment and when to change directions in your life.
1st line - introspection.
2nd line - hermit.
3rd line - trial and error.
4th line - externalization.
5th line - projection.
6th line - role model.

Gate 1 The Creative : 6 yang lines, empowerment, knowing, G self creativity, potential for self-expression, towards throat, yearning for a voice and recognition, finding the words to express what we are uniquely, deep melancholy, yearning to make a difference with our presence in life, empowering uniqueness.  You prefer to be left alone and be left to your own devices, but also to draw attention.
Promethean fire, beauty. Hanging: 8
subconscious Neptune 1.5 projection 
The energy to attract society.

This to me relates to sometimes having difficulty finding the right words to express my deeper or transcendant thoughts to the world. They often come out too abstract or nearly unintelligible to others.

4/63 Experimental - Logic
Channel 4: Youthful Folly / Mental Solutions : in
Ajna, collective logic, can we share what we know, finding
commonalities in our difficulties, explanations, understanding, yet
it is an illusion, just a medium not an end.  You will try to fix
everything.  Your mind must be kept active.  You think you have
an answer for everything, but may just want to get things off your
mind; use discernment. "Forgiveness is the thunderbolt that is released when one begins to attain Christ Consciousness."  The Gate of Formulization gives you the drive to want to find the answer. Not just any answer but the ONE answer.
 – subconscious Moon 4.2 hermit just doing its thing, acceptance
The recognition of limitation in oneself and others leads to tolerance and the suspension of judgment.  Moon exalted.  The glorification of feelings.  The mother which always pardons the errant child.  The potential to recognize that not everyone can understand.

Channel 63: After Completion / Gate of Doubts :
Head, pressure to find answers, head, all ends are a beginning, gate
of doubt and suspicion, mental pressure to focus on logic, you are constantly surveying your environment and evaluating validity and effectiveness, by nature a Doubting Thomas –
Subconscious Saturn 63.6 role model

Nostalgia. In the spiral of life, all endings are beginnings.

Channel 5: Waiting : sacral,
waiting for understanding, let life reveal to you the real answers
you need, fixed rhythms, not jumping ahead of life, waiting for life
to unfold.  Set your intentions and long term goals and be confident.
Pessimism, pushiness, patience.
Fixed Rhythms energy is a mechanical need to have fixed rhythm in your life. Your habits will have an unconscious push to have rhythm. Perhaps you eat at 6 pm and nothing should interfere with that schedule.

Moon 5.2 hermit, Mars 5.6 role model and Subconscious South Node 5.2 hermit just doing its thing.  Inner peace.  The ability to ignore the temptation to take premature action.

Channel 15: Modesty / Humanity : G center,
love, balance between extremes, being human with a body and mind,
resenting all humans for the sins of one, beauty and beast, true and
not self, we all have a shadow, that you must express love “this
way” (form).  The archetypal humanitarian, seeing all people as one
big family.  You believe in equality and fairness.  You connect to all walks of life.
Dullness, empty, extremist, magnetism.
 - Jupiter 15.4 externalization, exalted.  A genuine form that may/or may not mask inadequacies.  The uncomfortableness of the Self when it it out of flow.  Modesty as a shield against exposure of inadequacy.

One of the most special attributes of the knowing circuit is integration. Integration is a very unusual configuration where the 20th gate, the 10th gate, the 34th gate, and the 57th gate all impact each other. Now, this is very unusual. If you look at the way in which the mechanics of the body graph operate, and you look at channels, what you're basically looking at is that there is always just a simple polarity: there's a gate at one end and there's a gate at the other end. But when you're looking at integration and you're looking at these four gates, they can combine in any number of ways.

Channel 20: Contemplation/ Gate of the Now :
throat, transforming understanding into correct action, being able
to be present in the now, intuitive clarity.   Bringing yourself into the
present moment, harboring no regrets, sitting, watching, contemplating
Absent, hectic, self-assured, divine relaxation, presence.
The Gate of the Now is the energy of contemplation and recognition of what deeds should be brought into form.

North Node 20.6 role model
Contemplation which results in the ability to apply understanding.

Needing someone to give me guidance
20/34 can constantly waste energy by being too busy

Channel 34 The Power of the Great / The Beauty of the Beast:
: sacral, the power inside any seed, the power to be, power is
only great when it serves the common good which is life, using power
correctly empowering you without harming anyone, you serve the
common good when you go about your business with your own power,
power moves through us, in response.  Self-effacing, bullish, strength, where epiphany meets majesty.
South Node 34.6 role model
Knowing when enough is enough.

Gate 57 The Gentle / Fear of Tomorrow / A Gentle Wind:
intuitive clarity in the now, spleen, integration gate, complex, to
penetrate the other through listening to them, relationship, fear of
tomorrow, what changes in relationships due to communication.
Unease, hesitant, impetuous, intuition, clarity.
Subconscious Mars 57.2 hermit just doing its thing
Cleansing. The clarity to establish proper values and ideals must be accompanied by resolute determination to maintain them.

Gate 26 Taming the Power of the Great
: knowing how to handle life, Ego, seeking material stability,
health and success of the form, power of memory and recognition,
egoism, projector channel, looks for well being of others as well,
to serve and guide, territorial, control and negotiation, surrender
to life. Sacred tricksters, manipulative, artful, invisibility.
 The Egoist is the gate of the deal maker or the salesman. From this energy can come manipulation and lies, or truth.
 – Venus 26.4 externalization Hanging: 44
Censorship. The alteration of memory through elimination.
Gate 27 Nourishment/Food of the Gods :
Sacral pointing to Spleen, how the mother takes care of the child,
nourishment of the continuity of the species, enhancement of quality
of all activities through caring or altruism, not knowing when
enough is enough (food, worry, control).  Generosity to others for basic needs.  You need to take care of yourself first!  win-win
Self-sacrificing, self-centered, altruism, selflessness, love=superfood.
Caring is nurturing energy and is the need to care and take care of one another. This caring is tribal and is directed toward family, group or team. It is about providing nourishment and protection to preserve the unit.
- Earth 27.3 trial and error
Greed. The obsession with having much more than one needs.

Gate 28 Preponderance of the Great/Embracing the Dark Side: what is life all about? potential awareness, risk taking, projector gate in spleen, risk from not acting also, and now what?, deep fear of death, deepest thirst for knowing and truth.

The Game Player energy is the struggle for the meaning of life, the struggle to find your divine connection. Through the struggle you become incredibly wise about the meaning of life. The shadow side is the fear that life has no meaning.

 - Sun 28.3 trial and error
Adventurism.  Unfounded risk taking.  
Hanging: 38

Gate 29 The Abysmal or Commitment, Leaping into the Void: deep within the deep, persistence despite difficulties, sacral, depth of the
body, collective, sharing the body by being together with another
in your aura space, commitment to life, what is right for me?  This is the tendency to forever overextend yourself and commit to things before knowing if they are truly right for you.  Commitment becomes a gift when you only truly commit to the right things. Over-committing, being unreliable, devotion.

This energy is the drive to say ''Yes''. It may lead to over commitment, but the energy includes the perseverance to push through where others quit.

Subconscious Mercury 29.6 role model Hanging: 46
Confusion. The state that exists when momentum outstrips awareness.

Gate 31 Influence / Retreat/ Sounding Your Truth: the law of
friction, throat (which does not connect to a motor), not self tries
to have impact or fix others, part of circuit of understanding,
live anchored in your form, meet in the aura.  The natural storyteller.
Your experiences come so thick and fast you must retreat from time
to time to take complete breaks.  Your difficulty is knowing when to
do so, if you don't, you face chronic fatigue.

The Gate of Leading is the voice of the leader. The leadership is only truly successful when properly supported by its complementary gate 7, The Role of the Self.

 – Subconscious Sun 31.5 projection, interpersonal 
Self-righteousness.  Lack of external influence guaranteed by attitude.
Hanging: 7

Gate 35 Progress / Wormholes and Miracles: throat, “I feel,” desiring change, manifesting gate of human experiential way, exploring possibilities, going for it, maturing fully, then “I stay, let me move deeper into this experience, no need to search anymore,” finding the experiencer (you), anger outbursts when chasing.  Restlessness, asking "what does it all mean?"  Bored, Manic, Adventure, Inner Space (the final frontier), Boundlessness.
The Gate of Change is the sense of a need for change. The sense that the wheel needs to turn. It is not a logical next step, but a sense that this is the right direction to go. Like walking around a wheel there will need to be another step and then another step to keep the wheel turning.

Subconscious North Node 35.2 hermit just doing its thing Hanging: 36
Creative block. Lack of inspiration which stops progress.

Gate 37 The Family : solar plexus (to ego), no choice, dealing with things as they are, belonging, not being alone, marriage, friendships, interdependence, can be blind, control of sexuality.  Fondness for food (breaking bread with others).  Intrinsic sense of responsibility towards family and community you serve.
Weakness, Over-Sentimental, Cruel, Equality, Tenderness.
Friendship is the family or tribal side of community. This is the emotional side of being part of the tribe. There is always a strong underlying desire to be part of a group, family or community.

Saturn 37.6 role model Hanging: 40
Purpose. The energy to maintain the family is enhanced by recognizing its values.

Gate 41 Decrease or Imagination: limitation of resources that maximizes the development of potential, spiritual, root, the capacity to see more in less, magical, yin/yang fills and empties, new cycles of experience, desire for the
new/growth/maturation/attunement with what is your own nature.  You have rich imagination.  Tendency towards fantasy.  Find an inner balance between giving and receiving. The genetic wheel of samsara, dreamy, hyperactive, anticipation, emmanation.
The Gate of Contraction is the energy of contracting or pulling back. It is an emotional energy of regrouping in preparation for the next expansion.
Subconscious Earth 41.5 projection, interpersonal Hanging: 30
Authorization. The external recognition of one's potential despite limitations.

Gate 43 Breakthrough : ajna gate of genius, knowing is updated moment by moment, finding collective formulas, inner breakthroughs, when you're ready.  The unique, different mind, that is truly open.  Deafness, worried, noisy, insight, epiphany.
The Gate of Insight is the energy of awareness and knowing. To communicate the observed insight successfully, however, you need to wait to be recognized before speaking. The voice of this channel is, ''I know''.

 - Neptune 43.1  Introspection is to look inward, to study and to investigate – in order to be prepared. When you think about those words you can see that these are strategies that would be useful in overcoming insecurity. The 1st line is basically insecure.

Hanging: this is where I need someone with 23
to connect to the throat!

Gate 45 Gathering Together / Cosmic Communion: throat, “I have” or “I don't have,” informing before taking action, what is tangible in similarity with another in interests and commitments, overlapping, the Queen, tribal dynasties.  "Your Majesty." You have the abillity to teach material well-being. Dominance, timid, pompous,  synergy, communion.
The Gatherer energy is about having control of things and allowing others to use those things for a price. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental this energy seeks reward for allowing others to use what is yours.

Subconscious Jupiter 45.6 role model Hanging: 21
Reconsideration. An outsider that can admit that its prior rejection was an error, will generally be accepted into the gathering.  Jupiter demands conformity.  A material direction that is focused on conditioning the outsider to conform.
47/64 - Experiential

Channel 47: Oppression / Realization, Transmuting the Pastajna – Uranus & Pluto 47.2 hermit and 47.1 introspection
just doing its thing
Introspection is to look inward, to study and to investigate – in order to be prepared. When you think about those words you can see that these are strategies that would be useful in overcoming insecurity. The 1st line is basically insecure.  Always thinking, thinking, thinking, you are a born problem-solver and abstract thinker.  Oppression, hopeless, dogmatic, transmutation (the royal art), transfiguration, the true meaning of the crucifix.
47.1 Taking stock. 47.2 Ambition.

The energy of the Realizing Gate is to pull the abstract pieces from the complementary gate 64 into a whole cohesive idea in the ''AHA!'' moment. This is the epiphany and is the creation of a whole concept or process from the abstract, without using logic. Before it was pieces and now it is a whole.

Channel 64: Before Completion / Gate of Diverse Possiblities, The Aurora :
Head, ability to review memory, the past, gate of duality, head, the
self-esteem of the not-self is never very high when dependent on
the other, what do you do when relationships don't seem to work,
this is the gate of inspiration in what happens to you with others,
not based on codependence, not fearing your aloneness, not looking
for a way out, looking through your form.  You ponder all the
possibilities, constant quest examining everything, religion,
philosophies, history.  Confusion, imitating, imagination, illumination.
 – Subconscious Uranus
& Pluto 64.2 hermit just doing its thing and 64.4 externalization

64.2 Qualification 64.4 Conviction

Gate 59 Dispersion or Intimacy: reproduction, sexual identity, the aura breaker, how gender differences fascinate us, transcending sexual identity in ways it might block communication.  A radar beacon emitting an offer of intimacy to see who will respond. An eagerness to give birth to new projects.  Stay aligned with your authority.  Transmute sacral activity to sacred activity.
Subconscious Venus 59.5 projection, interpersonal Hanging 6
The femme fatale of Casanova. 

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