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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Human Design Channels

The Channel of Charisma, 34 - 20, links the Sacral Center through the 34 (where my North Node is), the Gate of Power, to the 20 (where my South Node is), the Gate of Now in the throat. Here we have the "classic" Manifesting Generator.

We have to be clear in our understanding that a Manifesting Generator can manifest but only in response. Even in response they have to wait for the clarity that only comes after they start their response. They don’t really know if they have the uh-huh response until they begin to respond.

Since this is one of the Integration Channels people with this channel defined are simply being busy for themselves and about themselves. Without a sense of what it is doing, the channel often needs guidance from others from time to time. Yet as part of the Individual Circuitry (it shares the 20), the 20-34 is attuned to an acoustic harmony, and tends to be deaf to input from outside sources.

People with this channel may think they have to stay busy and can appear to the outside observer as amazing in the scope of accomplishment. But without a clear response mechanism, the 20 - 34 can easily wind up frustrated in their personal sense of achievement and utterly exhausted.

Good advice to give people with this channel: Unless you want to end up trapped into being a work horse for somebody else's gain, don't do or say anything unless you are responding. The business has to happen out of response. Only then will you make sure you are busy for yourself, otherwise life will be depressing.

The Channel of the Archetype - 34-57, links the Spleen Center through the 57 (where my Subconscious Mars), the Gate of Intuitive Clarity, to the 34 (where my South Node is), the Gate of Power in the Sacral Center.

Here we are seeing the actual empowerment of intuitive intelligence as the sacral is connected to the spleen. It is a direct link from the power of life to the awareness of health and well being.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not a channel to empower others and keep in mind, as well, that in the sense of the not-self it is the most arrogant of all channel configurations.In a pretty bold fashion this channel proclaims, 'I'm the one that has the power to survive'. And it couldn't care less if you can or not. You barely exist to them.

This is why they are Archetypes. These people are designed to be Archetypes. of being human. They are pure in their focus to be alive. Like an arrow in the sky their life force shoots by you. It is neither shared with you nor meant to empower you. It is simply alive.

How that life force moves through space will depend on their full chart. But overall they are an archetype of how all our charts are unique.

The 34th gate is the Power of the Great and when it feeds into the 57, we have this archetype from our ancient mammalian past that stands above the rest in terms of being able to kill the most animals for survival. The 57 operates on an acoustic level to screen all sounds for an ongoing sense of harmony.

The 34, as a Generator Gate, responds with great power to implement things according to acoustic changes that may affect one’s realm of harmonic well-being.

The 34 - 57 is the archetype of aliveness and anyone with this channel in their Design can be extremely fit and healthy, - provided they follow their Design strategy. Sharing the 57 with Individual channels, it is prone to melancholy and a tendency to attach reason to being moody. Provided any person with this channel is clear about the nature of their moods, and adjusts to them without trying to fix them, they remain healthy.

Channel of Logic - 63/4 Subconscous Saturn - Subconscious Moon

The Channel of Logic – 63-4, links the Head Center through the 63 (where my Subconscious Saturn), the Gate of Doubt, to the 4 (Subconscious Moon), the Gate of Formulization in the Ajna. People with this channel tend to be pretty busy mentally. “Is it going to rain next week? Well, based on typical patterns for this time of year, the current barometric pressure and cloud cover there is a strong possibility….”

You see, what the channel is doing is posing some question, looking for recognizable patterns, factoring in current data, and making a prediction as to the future. And of course if anyone else happens to be around it can’t help but share the question and the answer – whether that other person cares if it’s going to rain. The thing about logic is that it can be perfectly impeccable and still be wrong!

This is, by the way, a rather pleasant magnetic connection between people. Anyone with the Gate 63 wants to share their doubts and anyone with Gate 4 really enjoys sharing their solutions. It works best when they both understand that it is the sharing that provides the satisfaction. The 63 can’t expect the solutions from the 4 to necessarily be useful, nor can the 4 expect only ‘good’ questions from the 63.

Channel of Rhythm - 15/5 Jupiter – Moon, Mars and Subconscious South Node

The Channel of Rhythm – 15-5 links the Sacral Center through the 5 (where my Moon, Mars, and Subconscious South Node), the Gate of Waiting to the 15 (where my Jupiter is), the Gate Modesty in the G. This is the channel of being in the flow, and is the foundation of all biological life. Gate 5 holds to fixed patterns and rituals, while the 15 is the Gate of Extremes. The purpose of extremes is always to level the playing field, to act as a force that balances things out.

People with the 15-5 live in their own timing. You have an appointment to meet a 15-5 at 6 pm? They show up when their own internal sense of time tells them to show. That could be at 5pm, at 7pm or not all. Now they aren’t just showing up at an odd time because they want to show up at an odd time.

The reason they do this because they have a sense of what the right time really is for them. And they share that sense of time with everybody else. People with the 5 -15 are very influential in bringing others into their own timing. This can often work to the benefit of others in subtle ways.

In the section on the Black and the Red of Personality and Design, the magnetic monopole was discussed in relation to holding together the illusion of separateness of the personality and the design and bringing them together. The 15th gate carries that heightened monopole function.

A magnet has both a north and a south pole – there is a repulsive pole and an attractive pole. When you are dealing with the magnetic monopole you are dealing with one pole and the magnetic monopole only attracts. Because it is connected to the vessel of love it is always pulling everything else towards it. So one of the things to understand about 15/5 people is that they are always sharing their magnetism.

Remember how the 18/58 shares their judgment; this is the same way that the 15/5 shares their flow. They are putting you or pulling you into the flow for your own good because 15th gates loves humanity and cares about you. But it is important to see that the sharing of the 15/5 is that they are literally magnetically yanking you into their flow sharing their magnetism.

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