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SEGERSTROM Type 2: gradations of the same color, closely related muted colors (soft, shadowy, blended)
CALLAWAY Summer: quiet, soft colors, tinged with grey, blue or rose; muted, soft, blended, wear analogous colors; rarely includes yellow
DONNER The Compassionate: noon colors, blue based tones of medium intensity, almost hazy
WRIGHT Dreamlight Type 2: virtually all tones, subtle colors, high percentages of grey in them, no clear primary colors
GARZA & LUPO Moon: the moon's hazy glow, cool colors

You may be a Dominant Type 2 (Types & Tones), Phlegmatic* personality if you identify with a majority of these adjectives and you have the facial features said to be associated as well. Of course you will have the other features in a lesser degrees, the next one being your Secondary. For all of the types' adjectives, go here.  The neutrals each type wear.

These adjectives are summarized from all the four types systems authors. 
If an adjective is bold or larger, it was used in more than one.

Phlegmatics: soft, introverted, reserved, slow reactions of short duration, unemotional, low self-esteem, pessimistic

Type 2: peaceful tempo, steady flow like a river, long S curve, fluid and flowing

*I make the correlation with the Greek Humors, the type systems do not.

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Type 2 Summer Hair

  • soft and flowing
  • if curly, tends more towards wavy
  • often fine hair (yin)
  • low contrast between hair and skin
  • use "ash" dyes, 
  • for brown request rose tone
  • if blonde, will be ash blonde
  • if brunette, will be ash
  • unlikely to have black hair
  • if gray, will be ash

short hair by type

painting by

Awakening Beauty

"The Phlegmatic: Everything's in Order, and I Want to Keep it That Way!
The phlegmatic temperament gives you the ability to think things through, to envision the future, and to create a plan for the fulfillment of goals.  This is the part of you that loves order and finds safety in routine... As wonderful as all of these qualities are, when you're out of balance they can form a kind of prison.  Life becomes ponderous, predictable, and flat with no excitement and little joy.  You can become dull and boring... In other words, it's time to wake up.  A lemon bath provides a therapeutic awakening of the nervous system and the senses.  Lemon captures the warmth and energy of the sun... In addition to the lemon bath, eat more warming spices, such as garlic, cumin, coriander, pepper and roasted red pepper, all of which warm and awaken the heart.  Minimize dairy products, which can reinforce the phlegmatic nature by creating stagnation. Listen to music that inspires your spirit, and opens your heart. Let yourself remember old ambitions and dreams.  Do something entirely different each day.  Dance... take up a new hobby... plan a trip..."

Tone I (4)Tone I Jewelry (1) Tone I Pants (1) Tone I Scarves (1) Tone I Shirts (1) Tone I Shoes (1) Tone I Skirts (1) Tone II (6)Tone II Jewelry (1) Tone II Pants (1)Tone II Scarves (1) Tone II Shoes (1)Tone II Skirts (1) Tone III (6) Tone III Jewelry (1) Tone III Pants (1) Tone III Scarves (1) Tone III Shirts (1) Tone III Shoes (1) Tone III Skirts (1) Tone IV(6) Tone IV Jewelry (1) Tone IV Pants(1) Tone IV Scarves (1) Tone IV Shirts(1) Tone IV Shoes (1) Tone IV Skirts (1)true summer (1) Truth (1) twins (4)Type 1 (5) Type 2 (5) Type 2 or 4 (5) Type 3 (4) Type 4 


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