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Consultants Map

Jane Leu Rekas
certified Color Me A Season analyst
Expressing Your Truth - eBooks, 
Astro-Twins and Astro-Style Report
Astrological Counsel
Humor Me :) Temperamental coaching

John Kitchener

Darin Wright of Elea Blake 

Kerry Stitch, certified SciArt™ color analyst
Indigo Tones

Lauren Battistini
Color My Closet
Haute couture feeling from this analyst. 

Christine Scaman, 
Certified Sci/Art Color Analyst
Return to Your Natural Colors

Anna Villaruel

Donna Cognac

The Color Advisor
Essential Colors

Beauty for All Seasons: 
Color Alliance
Now through Color Me Direct

Fran Muntz
Color Alliance by Jeunique through Beauty for You

Blair Massey 
Certified Image Consultant & Style Coach
Image Consultant Always Looking Your Best 
Color Me Beautiful and Color Alliance

Kathy Pfeiffer
Beauty Valued (Color Profiles Fabric Fans)

Dressing Your Truth 
Lora Alexander, certified Image Consultant
Esthiology license in 1998 from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis
Beautiful elegant site with sections you can click through of the seasons and each of their 3 categories, with celebrity examples. What Season Are You?

Yelena Starikova, Image Consultant, Color Analysist and Fashion Blogger.
Seasonal Color Analysis Blog, Yelena Starikova Very editorial coverage of models and celebs in all the palettes.

My Best Colors: 620 colors from skin tone 
This is a very different system based on finding your exact skin tone.

Irenee Riter
 The Science of Personal Dress 
is like a college course in color and image analysis.  Now an ebook.

Color With Style 
She proposes an extensive system of color categorization for Asian, African-American and Latina women. This system hasn't yet caught on, but I think it deserves more attention.   Color With Style 

Debbie Handa
Shop My Closet Color Guide One of the best visuals of the four main seasons' homebase palettes and how they blend to become the 3 versions of each season.
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Anne Sagendorph-Moon - Business Coach
Dress For Your Future
Trained in Caygill Method
Rochelle HC Hirsch

Sandra Hughes

Kathleen Moore Cook - Color Alliance

Julie (BellaJules FashionCafe) - Color Alliance
Jackie Field Sarager - Mary Kay

Who and what am I missing? 

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