Thursday, July 26, 2018


Well, I haven't updated in months - actually almost a year.  The reason is mainly that we moved and I took a full time job (for a mental health agency, instead of my own private practice).  The reason that happened is my husband developed an autoimmune disorder. (And I have a chronic health condition).  So life is pretty much upside down.  I have had to stop almost all of my online activity, simply due to lack of time.

But there are a couple things I have been thinking about.

I was reading somewhere that health used to be thought of as related to your balance - or imbalance - of the four Greek humors.  This would have been a long time ago, of course.  But it still is probably true to some extent.  For example, my health condition is called Lipedema.  It is really about having a sluggish lymphatic system.  Well I am about 50/50 T4/Winter/Melancholic and T2/Summer/Phlegmatic.  So wouldn't it make sense that my phlegmatic aspects would be sluggish? 

Also, in my new job, I notice a tendency to retreat into my T2 aspects and thus perhaps an overabundance of phlegmatic humor.

  • "Blood, or the Sanguine [T1 Spring] humor, is the first to arise, and receives the richest, choicest share of nutrients. It is the most plentiful humor, and enters the general circulation. ...The essence of blood is exchange and contact, as it is the basic nutritional and metabolic currency of the organism. 
  • Phlegm, as Plasma or the Phlegmatic [T2 Summer] humor, is the second to arise and receives the next richest share of nutrients. It is also very plentiful, and enters the general circulation. ...It includes not just phlegm, but all the other clear fluids of the body:  mucus, saliva, plasma, lymph, and serous and interstitial fluids.  Together, these fluids cool, moisten, nourish, lubricate, protect, and purify the organism.  The Plegmatic humor has an Expulsive virtue, or force, which flushes out impurities, transports vital nutrients, and helps eliminate wastes.  The home of the Phlegmatic humor is in the veins and lymphatics.
  • Yellow Bile, or the Choleric [T3 Autumn] humor, is the third to arise and receives a rather coarse, meager share of nutrients. It is not so plentiful. Only a slight residue enters the general circulation; the rest is stored in the gall bladder, its receptacle, to be used as needed. ...It is produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder.  Bile has a hot, caustic nature and a Digestive virtue, or force, which gives it a strong affinity with the other digestive secretions of the middle GI tract.  Fire and bile digest and consume, metabolize and transform.
  • Black Bile, or the Melancholic [T4 Winter] humor, is the last to arise, and receives the coarsest, most meager share of nutrients. It is the least plentiful. Only a slight residue enters the general circulation; the rest is stored in the spleen, its receptacle, to be used as needed... Black Bile has a Retentive virtue or force, and a cooling, drying, astringing, precipitating, condensing, coagulating, solidifying effect on metabolism necessary for building the bones, teeth, and all dense, solid structural connective tissues of the body. "
  • source

  • Blood: The blood was believed to be produced exclusively by the liver.[13][14]:103–105
  • Yellow bile" Excess of yellow bile was thought to produce aggression, and excess anger reciprocally gave rise to liver derangement and imbalances in the humors.
  • Black bile: The word "melancholy" derives from Greek μέλαινα χολή (melaina kholé) meaning 'black bile', from the belief that an excess of black bile caused depression.
  • Phlegm: Phlegm was thought to be associated with apathetic behavior, as preserved in the word "phlegmatic" /flɛgˈmatɪk/.[15]  
  • source

I have also been thinking a lot about MBTI again.  I will post more on that when I can.

 I do CMAS and Color Profiles virtual analysis
but I'm not doing them currently

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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