MBTI and Eyes (and Eye Movements)

"Ever looked into a person's eyes and wondered what was going on in them? Scott's observations of all the MBTI Types eyes. Skip to each temperament below." Intuitive eyes have a matte finish. They are seeing from further back in the eye. Sensing eyes have a glossy finish. They are looking from the surface of the eye.
Erik Thor on eye contact:

"Find out how to determine one's perceiving cognitive functions by analyzing eye movement patterns. We discuss and give examples of Ni, Si, Se and Ne eye movement."
  • Ni eyes toggle back and forth between two points (can have a zig zag pattern) on horizontal plane, staccato
  • Si make a series of small shifts that are random in direction and rhthym within a focal area, soft and smooth quality, can drift
  • Se eyes look all over the place with a noticeable pattern returning to one or more spots they are focusing on something in the room, making large leaps, holding with steady gaze, can move their head in conjunction with their eye movement
  • Ne eyes also look all over the place, but with more random direction, in a sweeping motion

"Perceiving is in the eyes. Today, we type celebrities based on their microexpressions, specifically how to spot the cognitive functions Ne and Ni by looking at their eye movements. Can a person's gaze reveal their MBTI personality?" Ne eyes may look upward, Ni eyes may look down more

Ne the head is still and they eyes move all over the place
Se the head moves around while the eyes stay focused

Personality Type, Eye Movements, & the Functions 
(Ni, Ne, Fi, Ti, Se, Si, Fe, Te)


could this have anything to do with NLP eye movements?


... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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