Monday, September 4, 2017

How to plan your perfect capsule wardrobe | CAPSULE GUIDE | Justine Leconte

Here are the 10 steps presented by Justine + further related videos: 1. How is the weather in your country? This will influence the number of pieces you need to build your wardrobe. 2. What is your lifestyle / what activities do you have? Your wardrobe will have to fit all those parts of your life - of build a separate capsule for each "life". 3. What is your personal style and taste? How to find your own style: 4. What is your body type? How to measure and determine your type: 5. Which colors suit you / do you enjoy wearing? How to add color to your wardrobe: What the colors you wear say about you: Play with textures and materials (on a budget): 6. What do you already have in your closet? 7. Pick a budget and define preferences (eco, ethical, locally produced, etc.). 8. Structure your wardrobe in tops, over-tops and bottoms. 9. Find out what is missing, thinking in categories and in outfits. 10. Make a specific shopping list. Previous episode in this series:

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