Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to do a Closet Audit

Contemplation: this process begins with some thinking about your goals, your lifestyle, your current closet needs and limitations, etc.  This will also possibly involve coordination with the Color and Style system(s) you prefer.  They may provide some guidance in how to conceptualize your closet.  


Capsule Wardrobe Planning: it can be a good idea to envision several capsule wardrobes that coordinate with your lifestyle and needs. You may do this on polyvore or pinterest, or request makeover assistance.

Culling Closet: the next step is usually to take everything out of your closet and dresser drawers, or storage areas.  This will also give you a chance to evaluate whether you need to improve the structure of your closet, such as buying new bins or hangers, etc.


Categorize: sort through all your items to determine it's destiny: 
Keep * Store * Toss * Donate
Evaluate what you use, what is in good repair, what fits, what actually fits your coloring and style.

Keep: what you know is perfect.  Store: what fits and is good quality but not your color or style (or this season). Toss: items in disrepair.  Donate: the rest gets donated, sold on consignment or traded!

keep store toss donate

keep store toss donate by expressingyourtruth featuring storage baskets

Curate: Now you get to set your closet back up with your new prioritized items and storage supplies!

Consider hanging your clothes back up with the hanger backwards in the closet.  Then in 6 mos. or a year, you will know what you never use!

Consider hanging outfits together, or your separate Capsule Wardrobes together by purpose.

  • attach a towell bar on any empty wall space for scarves
  • hang a peg board
  • organize the top shelf with dividers or bins
  • hanging shoe organizers can be used for sweaters
  • hang purses on hooks
  • splurge on matching hangers
  • stagger your shoes
  • use office organizers on shelves
  • More on pinterest
I use Color Me A Season and Color Profiles, as well as the McJimsey style facet model.  See also EYT Closet - Let me know if you live near Hood River, Oregon!

 hire me: I do CMAS and Color Profiles virtual analysis

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