Spirituality of Color Analysis

I mentioned in some facebook groups that I wanted to write about the spirituality of the beauty movement, but I didn't say much more at the time, probably because it's so hard to put into words.

The first problem with words is the word spirituality.  It's a buzz word, and it can set people off.  So that's not my intention.

So let me define where I'm coming from first.  I am attracted to the world of color for the purpose of healing, and I find healing ultimately spiritual.  It is our spirit that we are healing, or rather the blocks to healthy love and expression of our true nature or spirit.

Next, I used the term "beauty movement" in reference to Jennifer Butler (video).  Though I think all seasonal color work is in the same movement, towards celebrating beauty that you own naturally, that was given to you.  Taylore Sinclaire of IlluminEssence echoes many of the same sentiments, just different language to describe it.

When I've been doing women's color over the past year, I've said "nature (or God) is never wrong" so many times.  The colors you have in your own body are YOU.

Next often, I look for the analogous and complementary colors to the client's body colors, and more often than not, those colors are also body colors!  You are already coordinated perfectly.

By wearing your own colors, you harmonize with yourself, and thus you celebrate your own unique wavelengths, not only of color, but of thought, of movement, of energy, of temperament, etc. etc.

The correct colors for you confirm that there is nothing wrong with you.  You no longer have to look to the latest color trends and try to make them fit for you (though sometimes you can if you simply match your chroma*).

You also support your own spirit, when you begin to echo the shapes found in your body, face and hair, etc.  Shapes are very powerful symbols of energy.  By choosing shapes that harmonize with who you are, you are also expressing yourself authentically.

So in these, and other ways, you are fine tuning and honing in on your gifts and your essence, so that you best contribute to the world.  Now instead of thinking of fashion as superficial, we can see it as ceremonial.  We can also see it as a great art.  It is important communication and it is also important validation.

More soon...

*chroma: winters wear pure colors/hues, springs wear tints, summers wear tones and autumns wear shades

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