Our Zyla Colors (updated)

I don't know what got me interested in dinking around with this subject again... but I'm frustrated so far with my first attempt at determining my Zyla Colors.  However, you do see my dilemma which is I'm very type 2 with so much grey, and then my romantic dramatic colors are a bit clearer.  But I'm going to try to have my husband help me clarify the colors in my eyes.

My first draft of my Zyla colors seemed a bit off, at least when looking at the first, second and third base.

  • Essence comes from your skin color and is your "white."  
  • Romantic comes from your palm or pinched finger and is your "red," 
  • and your Dramatic color comes from your veins in your wrist and is your "blue."
  • Energy comes from the darkest shade in your iris,
  • and Tranquility comes from the lightest shade in your iris.
  • First Base is from the outer rim of your hair, which is your version of "black."
  • Second Base is the darkest color within your hair, which is your version of "brown."
  • Third Base is the lightest color within your hair, which is your version of "khaki."

This is what I thought they were:

Here's what they are closer to pulled from Caygill palette:

I need to redo this:
When I thought I was a Summer

So my white is a rosy cream, my red is raspberry, my dramatic is teal.  My energy color is a dark taupe and my tranquility is a regular taupe.  My black is dark teal grey.  My brown is dark slate blue.  My khaki brings in some yellow, which is odd for a cool tone.

What I thought Greg's colors were

Now from his Caygill palette:

I need to redo this:


Rachel R. said…
It looks like you have these a little scrambled. 2nd and 3rd bases are the darkest and lightest shades in your hair. Energy and Tranquil are the darkest and lightest colors of the iris. I don't know if that was maybe a copy-and-paste goof, or what. :)