Kentner on Color Analysts of Different Seasons

originally posted 4/9/14

In her book, A Rainbow in Your Eyes, Bernice Kenter describes the positives and negatives of being a color analyst in the different seasons.

Spring Positives

  • wonderful friendliness makes them a natural for human approach
  • delight in finding season of their client 
  • great interest in people
  • make clients feel very special
  • not afraid of color
  • a curiosity to be satisfied

Taylore B. Sinclaire

also Naomi Donner
Anne Sagendorph-Moon

Spring negatives

  • trouble focusing, easily swayed
  • may become bored by repetition
  • love their own palette so much, may have trouble seeing changes in complexion of clients
  • poor job keeping business efficient
Summer Positives

  • detail oriented leads to doing analysis correctly
  • often have sewing skills that help them advise about fashion lines and styles
  • detail oriented leads to understanding details of figure and face
  • softness of appearance and personality draws others too them
  • color analysis business that may grow out of a hobby

Summer negatives

  • conservative personal use of color can limit recommendations for others, as well as makeup application
  • great need for things to be proper and in good taste, may forget that being bright is in good taste for a Winter for instance
  • may tend to code Springs as Autumns, in favor of that seasons properness over Springs gaeity
Autumn Positives

  • most determined to make a successful business
  • no fear in approaching others
  • involves others in advertising for them
  • well organized and efficient
  • lots of body energy, so less drained by providing the service
  • do not let others push them around, can handle hecklers

Carol Tuttle
also Kay Smith
David Zyla
Autumn negatives

  • personalities are sometimes negative, as easily irritated by people asking endless questions
  • may be too sharp or even rude if not careful
  • can do poorly in personal relations
  • may be inclined to give others earth tones
  • least likely to be open to other people's palettes
  • love their own makeup colors so much, they may put them on other seasons
Winter Positives

  • analytical nature is objective
  • dramatic appearance is admired
  • natural poise is impressive
  • sensitive nature is caring
  • perfectionism leads to accuracy
  • color analysis is for the good of others

Bernice Kentner CMAS
Jennifer Butler
Christine Scaman
John Kitchener
Fran Muntz
Jane Segerstrom

Winter negatives

  • reserved nature reduces follow up with clients
  • difficult time charging friends
  • want people to like them too much
  • doesn't want to impose on others
  • may apply makeup too dramatically on other seasons (or might be too conservative)

A Rainbow in Your Eyes: Yes, You Can Find Y... 
by Bernice Kentner 



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Unknown said…
Two requests, please. 1) Could you make the distinction between your own thoughts and Kenter's clearer? For example, you list "business that grows out of a hobby" for Summer and that is not from Kenter's book though it does relate to me. Perhaps you might use her actual words in quotes and your comments separately so as not to confuse readers. 2) I don't do color analysis seasonally so I think it's kind of funny you chose to use a photo of me. But if you do want to use a photo of me, perhaps you could use one where I show the palettes that I use/my approach (instead of one that you found on blog that has been offline for years!)? I do use body colors.
Respectfully, Kathy Pfeiffer
Unknown said…
Where we can find a rainbow in your eyes to download? (for free)