Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Sometimes I think I am a bit too spread out in my focus, with so many things that interest me.  I try to keep them separated by the topics of my various blogs.  Some of these blogs are offshoots of this one, some are not.  You may or may not be aware of the other blogs, so here is a snapshot update.

One of the main offshoots of this blog, is my EYT "Closet."  You can find a lot of info. about shopping by type, season and style (Northrup).  This blog also links to my 4-T Amazon store.  My other Amazon store lists color and type books.  Any time I refer to type, I am referring to earlier type authors.Segerstrom, Donner, Wright, but also seasonal authors, Caygill, Callaway, Butler, Zyla, Standish, Garza & Lupo, etc.

You can also join my EYT forum, and blog focused more on CMAS. I would love help in getting that forum more active. If you are a member already, or you choose to join, please make an intro post and comment on the forum topics.  There is now a small CMAS Facebook group.

Have you visited my quiz site?

Over at my Contrasting Summer & Winter blog, you can see that I'm dressing Winter now!

Another offshoot of this blog, is my Makeover Assists page, which is really growing.  I do photoshop paperdolls to help you try on a season, and much more.

On the Type-Wire blog, I have blog lists of bloggers I have found by Type.  A lot of people haven't been keeping their blogs up though. And I hear that a lot of them had to change the titles of their blogs if they referenced type due to pressure from DYT, even though there are so many other type authors!  that makes me pretty sad because they are all just fans and support the topic.

At Mindful of our Makeup, you can find makeup lists for each season, linked to my amazon store.  And there is a Mindful of our Makeup Facebook group.

And over at Astrological Counsel and Astro-Type, I just added a new career report offering, in addition to my other astrology reports and services, including astrology and fashion related ebooks and services.  And we also now have an Astro-Type Facebook group.

Over at the Forum, in the Astrology section, I’ve also added a question: Do you look like your Rising sign?

If you buy my ecourse, you can also join the EYT eCourse Facebook group.

And please like my EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH Facebook fan page.

See what I mean? Too much? Have you missed anything?

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