Just be yourself...

I really haven't said anything here in awhile.  I guess I got distracted between two things I was focusing on, Color Alliance and Jennifer Butler Color.  And then I got emotional about something, probably due to PMS and Menopause and a long list of what makes me an HSP.  I'm also in the process of revising the blog again, in terms of it's appearance.  I'm never satisfied with it.  I'm only an amateur and this is only blogger. I sometimes look at beautiful blogs and feel hopeless self-critical.  But this blog, like me, will only be what it is, just like I will only be who and what I am.  In yearning for some revision of myself, I miss the actuality of myself in the now.  I also miss the progress in my life from earlier harder times.  

No, I am generally not a narrative blogger.  No, I probably won't be a color analyst of one system anytime soon.  Maybe the point of this blog is such that I'm a critic of all of the systems, a true lover of none.  But that's ok, that's the way I approach this interest and my own application of it.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane