Thursday, September 13, 2012

Color Me Confident

"Hi gang. Check out this link (below) for some great ideas from a book called "Color Me Confident". I noted many colors can overlap into palettes making it confusing, or be close to your palette so they will look ok on you but not your best. By sticking to the "palette" first and then looking at the additional colors listed made it less confusing for me. For example, being a Bright Spring=clear+warm+ light (in that order), so I can wear all clear, then the additional warm/light colors listed. These same additional colors are also listed for Light Spring (that's why I thought I was light spring) but not all of the colors in the Light Spring Palette look my best, ruling it out as my season. Also, if I look at the warm and light as primary palettes, I can't wear all of the colors listed. In the clear palette, I noted the neutral colors that overlapped into the palettes: cool, warm, light and deep because Bright Spring is a neutral season. It helped me to make a list (my secondary T2 lol) and compare." 

Sabina Ubu
Color Me Confident: Change Your Look - Change Your Life!
Color Me Confident: Change Your Look - Chan...
by Veronique Henderson
2008 This book combines beautiful pictures of color types, with style personalities.

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