A year has passed...

Hello!  It's been awhile.  Life happens.  My husband, Greg, who just happens to be in the collage above, got rather ill and lost his job.  He's better now.  But we had to move so I could get a job with benefits.  It's been quite stressful!!  I've been working 60+ hours a week and just trying to survive.  Well my husband finally got on disability (yay!) so I can cut back to a more normal work week.  This has opened up a little room for me to find something to explore again.  So I found a class on Meyers-Briggs type personality typing.  I've obsessed about that here before (as you may recall).  Anyway, the class is called OBJECTIVE PERSONALITY https://www.objectivepersonality.com/

So why is Isabella Rosellini in the collage above?  Well, there are a few types that I think I may be. And I might be the same type as her.  And I think we look alike. Of course I have to try to figure it out myself.  But you have to be in the class 60 days before you can be typed by their service.  I fully accept I may not know my own type.  In fact, the subjective measure of the MBTI is pretty ridiculous.  The problem is that it is subjective.  Jung contended that we don't see our own shadows.  Dave and Shan of Objective Personality say that we probably don't see our first or fourth cognitive functions. But we do see our 2nd and 3rd functions.  Thus we think we are defined by those functions.  We end up typing ourselves backwards.

So Isabella Roselini has been typed FF-Fi/Ne-CP/S(B).  Um what?  Let me break that down.  FF means he is double feminine, which is about how she speaks to others and her dominant sense being visual.  Her dominant function is Fi or introverted Feeling.  Her secondary function is Ne or extroverted iNtuition.  She also has Si and Te.  C means Consume (or gather info.), P means Play (or interact with others), S means Sleep (or introspection) and B means Blast (or teach).

Check out Objective Personality!
"We are a self-funded, full-time research team based in Portland, Oregon.  We use the scientific method to define and track personality on a spectrum of 512 types.  We have objectively typed over 2500 people since 2014. You can read about our methods and discoveries on this page:  Objective Personality System."

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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