Monday, August 26, 2019

Another round of "what am I?"

While I wait until I can be typed in the Objective Personality system, I am playing around with what my guesses are about my MBTI type.  One concept in this system is that there are OBSERVERS (IxxJ and ExxP) and DECIDERS (IxxP, ExxJ).  Most of my guesses have actually been in the observer category, but more recently I realized some reasons I might be a decider.  For one thing, there is a theory that people do not see their top or lower function, but do see their middle functions.  

Guess #1: I've always thought I was an INTJ and more recently an INFJ.  So going through the process of elimination taught in the class, one possibility is FM-Ni/Fi-SC/B(P), which is called a "jumper."
INFJ and socionics faces

INTJ jumper (like INFJ)

Guess #2: ENFP because I was visually typed as this type by Pod'lair.

Guess #3: INFP like Isabella Roselini.


... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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