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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Open this on your iphone:
go to your App Store icon on your phone to download most of these:

be sure to activate itunes icon you'll find on your iphone

google apps
  • google voice - don't have time to listen to every voicemail? get them transcribed
  • evernote - this will allow you to save all kinds of notes with tags that are highly searchable
  • dropbox - synchronize the files on all your computers and your iphone

access your other sites and readers on your iphone

    • - connect all your accounts to view your current balances at a glance
    • squareup - take credit cards on your iphone
    • Hazelden - including Language of Letting Go and Food for Thought
    • Louise Hay - including Heal Your Body
    • myPause
    • Period Tracker
    • PMS Helper
    12 Step

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