Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review of what I know about my type/season and how I determined it

This blog began 5/26/11. From the beginning I have had trouble figuring out if I am a Summer Type 2 or a Winter Type 4.  I think I'm one of those people who are troublesomely 50/50.  Please scroll the to the bottom for the latest!

I spent over $200 on the DYT courses,
which I later left 

As you may know, about a year ago I purchased the Type 2 course and exchanged it later for Type 4.  Carol said I was T4 because I can wear a very strong fuschia but also because I confronted her and apparently a T2 wouldn't have.

I'm not T4 - or so I thought..... for a long time!

According to my smile: I'm a 2 with secondary 4 because I smile the most with my mouth closed, there isn't a lot of upward movement, but there is a bit of an S curve on top.
What your smile says about your type
(for years I dyed in burgundy highlights)
my wedding day with my Mom
A Checklist comparison and Faces of Jane

I can wear T4 colors but I also have a softness. (Though I determined later, I cannot wear T4 black and white).

I realized my eyes are partly what throws me off, they are Summer and soft.  (Although green leans Spring, which I'm not).

I'm not Soft

The Eyes Have It
I thought my eyes were blue for decades until I started taking close up pics of them.
my soft green eyes (actually blue with gold flecks)
I did a really fun lip drape (with lipstick for all the seasons).
my best lip color was cool summer,
followed by soft summer and then cool winter

Considering Fashion Feng Shui, I'm Water with Metal (Type 2).  Metal doesn't fit into Types well, though it might be T1 by color.  Actually it's probably T4.  So this fits with 2/4.

A psychic said I am 2/3

I'm not 2/3 or Soft Summer.

I wrote this summary:

  • Type 2 or Type 4  I later left the courses altogether after leaving the DYT Type 2 Facebook group and being removed from the DYT Type 4 group for saying that I'm not a fundamentalist.
  • I spent over $200 on the IlluminEssensce course and assessment
  • I also was later Toned as a Toned II in IlluminEssensce.  I was draped in white and black and they both drain color from my face.  I can wear Tone II silver and Tone IV shiny silver.
What I wore when Taylor toned me Tone II
I am Tone II, but not that blended.

  • I recently did Irenee Riter's Science of Personal Dress, color tester, and got mostly Winter with some Spring (Bright Spring, wait sorry, Bright Winter)?

I spent $30 on the color tester, which was a bargain at the time

I'm not Bright Winter.... or am I?
from my color tester results
I do like the ideas and results from the colors.

  • My DISC high C followed by S, equals 4/2.  So I'm more Type 4 and Winter than Summer by personality.

I made an important comment about height and type.  I"m 5'10", so I can't be straight T2/Summer.

I made a little comment about playing with rules...

from my Zyla colors

According to Zyla, I thought I was a Summer, either Jeweltone or Dusky.  I might be a Soft WinterAngela Wright also has a Jeweltone Summer, which she says is often mistaken for Winter.
I thought I was a Jeweltone Summer.

With the advent of the 16 color system, I'm either Soft Summer Deep or Deep Winter Soft, not that I'm really deep, but I shouldn't wear light colors.
I am not Soft Summer Deep or Deep Winter Soft.

Because my eyes are soft, I can't be a straight Deep Winter

I esp. relate to this woman typed as Soft Winter.

I forgot to say that I am a Kibbe Soft Classic which seems like a 4/2 or 2/4 (though I'm not sure what it means for color).  Kibbe Test

I am soft classic.

when I dress T4

Most recent T2
I'm thinking my hair is too dark and cool...
I sort of miss the burgundy highlights.

BTW, I feel good in both at different times.  I think I am both.
I know I am predominantly T2, but I have so much T4 secondary it is hard to accept.
check out my T2 Not So Girly pinterest
because I'm 5'10" I simply cannot dress with the extra frills

Type 2 not so girly

I was wearing my hair very cool (right of the pic) and decided to add some red back into my hair, because I read that you will look younger if you go back to your childhood color.  This throws me off a little.  It means I have a little more warmth than I thought, which might mean I have a secondary T3, so more evidence for Soft Summer or Deep Winter, I'm also wondering about Clear Winter.  

Not only is my hair and are my eyes more warm than I thought, I think my skin is neutral.

I did the online Color E-Nalysis and got this feedback from Shari

"Hi Jane, you are not Cool, you are CLEAR....just as you ordered. In fact, you are pretty classic clear! Be very careful to make sure your makeup colors are right....Clear makeup needs to be more berries, plums...not browns, coppers. Your skin appears pretty neutral. You will LOVE the Clear colors...they are beautiful....and so are YOU!!!!! Thank you for your order...love ya, Shari"

While I can wear clear summer colors, I am not Clear Winter. Or am I?


My colors are cool and bright, in the summer range, worn like a winter, as in contrasting, not blended.

Contrasting Summer compares to Jeweltone Summer

Not to give you whiplash, but now I'm doing Type 4.

7/9/14: I went to Jennifer Butler's guest event wearing Type 4, which I'd been doing for about a month.  I had also been told by Fran Munz of Beauty for You that I was a Contrasting Imperial Winter.

I had an email exchange with Jules Standish who said she thinks I'm a Clear Spring.

12/5/14 Further Confirmation that I am a Winter.
I was analzyed by Anne Sagendorph-Moon in the Caygill method.  I'm a Patrician Winter.

have you written your own summary of your journey? would you like to? share your link or guest post on my blog 


Ann said...

This is a quick impression, and based primarily on the last 2 pictures you showed, but I think you have more sparkle in the red top. In the bottom photo, you still look nice, but a little tired.

I am curious as to whether you have ever had a professional color analysis, either in person or on-line? It is so hard to do yourself, and many people are shocked to discover their season is different than what they thought. It might be interesting to have someone look at you who is not considering the T4/T2 dilemma and just strictly looking at how color acts with your skin.

Unknown said...

Wow, your eye color is very similar to mine. I also have trouble deciding what does and doesn't look good on me. I have only recently took an interest in color analysis and the different systems, but wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Your coloring is quite similar to mine (i.e. dark hair, greenish eyes, light skin) and I also find that black sometimes makes me look pale. If I had to guess I would say I fall somewhere between a deep winter and cool winter, with a hint of autumn warmth (a deep muted orange looks ok on me.) and judging by your pictures, you would probably look good in similar colors. I also find that although dark colors look good, I need high contrast, e.g black trousers, light/white top, and dark cardigan/jacket. I read an article on 12blueprints the other day that this is common for deep winters (interesting theory). It also turns out that even when i've not had a lot of sleep and have dark circles under my eyes, this white top, dark cardi and black trousers combination makes me look more awake (tested it out yesterday and was very surprised at the results).

I guess what I'm trying to say is color analysis isn't an exact science and what looks good to one person, may look horrible to someone else. Personally I use it as a guide when experimenting with new looks/styles but ultimately it's all down to what feels most comfortable to you, you are the one who's wearing the item(s) after all. Someone once said to me "with comfort comes confidence" and I would have to agree with them.

P.S The red top in one of the bottom pictures looks really good on you, and so does the white top in the photo of you and your mom/friend is it?

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Thank you both for your comments. I've not had a professional color draping as no one does it in my town and I've spent so much money already! I should add that into the summary. I probably will eventually. I did do the color tester thingy.

And I do think that I have some funny combination of warm and cool and have been forcing myself to be too cool. Thanks!

Alina said...

From what I have seen, I might suggest you are a type 2. The last two photos do not count because the type 4 photo has effects on it and on the type 2 photo your hair is too dark and you have no make up on.

I am a type 2 myself and I can be quite confronting at times. What makes me a type 2 is that I regret it afterwards most of the time or I think about it a lot.

I also think that the going into detail and thinking back and fourth what type you are and rethinking it time and time again is so type 2 :-D

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Generally, I am more thorough (and systematic) like a Type 4, than truly detailed like a Type 2, as evidenced by mistakes all over this blog that I just don't really care about enough to go back and fix. The problem is while I know I am strongly Type 2, I am also strongly Type 4. I just am.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

Giselle, I was not soliciting input.

Unknown said...

From the first second I saw a picture of you, I only thought "Winter-Melancholy-Type4" woman. :)

Unknown said...

It is ok. I think you're soft autumn (or equivalent), not with your actual hair color, of course. This one is not an input, it is just a comment.