Friday, October 3, 2014

Be a color collector....

Each analyst's (they're artists!) opinion is different and often depends on their system and also how the analysis is done.  I've kept a running itemization of the info. I've gathered about what my season may be here.   BTW, I'm exciting that I will be getting analyzed in the Caygill method in December (and will post about that then)!

I got an email from Jules Standish, thanking me for reviewing her book on youtube and asked to see my eyes.  See the conversation below.

JULES STANDISH “The Colour Counsellor” "How Not to Wear Black"
Colour Analyst, Stylist, Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Shopper

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Jane: "My eyes are a bit bizarre.  They used to be blue as a child, but then I developed orange flecks and now they appear sage green from a distance. The general pattern seems summer crackled glass and in some pics you can see the edge of the iris is a somewhat wide band, which is supposedly summer.  I was told that green eyes are mainly spring, but I'm no spring.  I also read that the orange is a choleric or autumn sign, acc. to Greek medicine.  I thought I was a summer winter for a long time, but now I'm dressing Winter and it's working."

Jules: "OK well I am sure you have had many colour analysis over the years – I get so many women coming to see me who have been done incorrectly due to all the colour “typing” systems out there – I would love to meet you to do this properly for you as my system is so comprehensive and accurate but I would need to see you to be really sure – also you don’t mention how high you score on the personality testing????

Hard to see exactly your eye pattern but you have STUNNING eyes – truly beautiful!!! Green eyes can be winter but rarely as they are combined with warm tones of yellow to make them that green.  Also your eye pattern does not have winter spokes that I can see or deep crypts either – seems like a clear eye? 

From your colouring I would put you in the “Striking spring” category which is a strong, jewel based palette, and whilst I don’t think black against your face will be that great on you I do think you can wear black jackets and coats, etc provided you put your gorgeous electric blues, bright reds, etc against your face!  Striking spring is different to classic spring – in that the colouring is often very dramatic (hence gets mistaken for winter) which yours is!  Orange is a warm colour, the bright shades great on springs, burnt orange for autumns but I wouldn’t put the muted shades on you, because you need clear and warm!

So there you have my analysis from afar – this does not mean that you score necessarily  highly on spring, you may well indeed be a combination of introvert/extrovert but your colours do need to be strong (like winter) but warm (like spring)! Does that make sense?"

Jane: "You're actually not the first to suggest I might be a Clear. Shaeri Brandel said she thought I was a Clear (spring or winter). I used Irenee Riter's color test and esp. b/c of how she interprets eyes, I actually thought Clear Winter, but she said in an email the eyes were strongly Spring.

Here's my DISC, which shows 88 for Winter, 77 Summer, 56 Autumn and 21 Spring.  I'm also dressing the seasons, for a hoot."

Jules: "Yes your eyes are strongly spring with yellow/golden flecks definitely warm! But you have dramatic colouring which means the strong, jewel colours look lovely on you, but if you have an introverted nature then you would want to wear black which is fine provided away from your face.

As you already know there are lots of systems out there but I have to know that my clients personality type resonates correctly with the colours they are wearing – there are many reasons why women end up psychologically in the wrong colours!!!"

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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