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SEGERSTROM Type 4: unequal amounts of two contrasting colors (cool, still and brilliant)
CALLAWAY Winter: pure, deep, intense, brilliant, or icy pastels, few middle colors; striking, smooth, serene, luminous
: moonlight colors, the stark, pure, cool hues of winter or midnight
WRIGHT Starlight Type 4: very strong primary colors, strong contrasts between pure hues, extreme tints and extreme shades, but not tones
GARZA & LUPO Star: the shimmering twinkle of the stars, modern jewel tones

You may be a Dominant Type 4 (Types & Tones), Melancholy* personality if you identify with a majority of these adjectives and you have the facial features said to be associated as well. Of course you will have the other features in a lesser degrees, the next one being your Secondary. For all of the types' adjectives, go here.  The neutrals each type wear.

These adjectives are summarized from all the four types systems authors. 
If an adjective is bold or larger, it was used in more than one.

Melancholic: hard, introverted, reserved, slow reactions of long duration, emotional, low self-esteem, pessimistic

Type 4: reserved, reflective, still, get right to business, bold without being abrasive, two parallel lines that mirror each other

*I make the correlation with the Greek Humors, the type systems do not.

Type 4 Animal Print
Type 4 stripes
Type 4 Jewelry
Type 4 Purses
Type 4 Jeans
Bright Winter Lippies!
True/Cool Winter Lippies!
Dark Winter Lippies!

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Type 4  Winter Hair

  • smooth and saturated
  • do not highlight
  • may have widow's peak
  • if straight, sleek, blunt
  • symmetrical, still
  • chic androgny
  • if blonde will be "ice" blonde
  • if brunette will be saturated
  • if grey will not appear blonde, more ice

Awakening Beauty

"The Melancholic Temperament: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
When you are in the melancholic nature, you are caring, compassionate, and openhearted.  You think about life less from the practical perspective than from the philosophical.  You are spiritually oriented.  You see the big picture and the great sweep of history.  Yet you connect to individuals, especially to their pain.  You listen attentively to people who want to share their tale of woe.  In the melancholic pole of your nature, you are introverted and extremely sensitive... You are intuitive and highly perceptive... In the melancholic character, you can be extremely moody, moving from elation to depression within minutes.  You also tend to worry a lot, especially about your physical health... Melancholics wallow in deep existential questions, often finding pleasure in worry and dread... If the melancholic nature has gotten the better of you, it's time to get out of your head and back into your body.  Start with a series of rosemary baths, which will warm your body, awaken your senses, and dramatically boost your circulation.  Rosemary revitalizes the body and lights the fire of our physical powers and passions.  It puts us back in touch with our choleric nature... Also, try soaking your feet in  spruce  baths... Eat cooked whole grains and root vegetables daily.  Avoid raw vegetables and raw fruit, both of which cool the body and send the life forces upward.  Keep the body warm, especially your feet."

Tone I (4)Tone I Jewelry (1) Tone I Pants (1) Tone I Scarves (1) Tone I Shirts (1) Tone I Shoes (1) Tone I Skirts (1) Tone II (6)Tone II Jewelry (1) Tone II Pants (1)Tone II Scarves (1) Tone II Shoes (1)Tone II Skirts (1) Tone III (6) Tone III Jewelry (1) Tone III Pants (1) Tone III Scarves (1) Tone III Shirts (1) Tone III Shoes (1) Tone III Skirts (1) Tone IV(6) Tone IV Jewelry (1) Tone IV Pants(1) Tone IV Scarves (1) Tone IV Shirts(1) Tone IV Shoes (1) Tone IV Skirts (1)true summer (1) Truth (1) twins (4)Type 1 (5) Type 2 (5) Type 2 or 4 (5) Type 3 (4) Type 4 


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