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SEGERSTROM Type 1: brights with brights, and brights with neutrals (clear, bright, fresh, appealing)
CALLAWAY Spring: light, medium or dark but wears darker colors with light; some Spring can wear black but not by face, beiges and browns are based on skin and hair color, usually golden
DONNER The Enthusiast: dawn colors, clear, pure, bright warm colors and tints with a yellow base
WRIGHT Morninglight Type 1: bright, warm and essentially light, tints, colors with clarity (no darks, even the navy is warm and bright)
GARZA & LUPO Sun: clear brightness of the Sun, refreshing tropical colors

You may be a Dominant Type 1 (Types & Tones), Sanguine* personality if you identify with a majority of these adjectives and you have the facial features said to be associated as well. Of course you will have the other features in a lesser degrees, the next one being your Secondary. For all of the types' adjectives, go here.  The neutrals each type wear.

These adjectives are summarized from all the four types systems authors. 
If an adjective is bold or larger, it was used in more than one.

Type 1: social, flighty, tangential, random, bouncing off the edges of a circle (their shape)

Sanguines: soft, extroverted, expressive, quick reactions of short duration, emotional, high self-esteem, optimistic

*I make the correlation with the Greek Humors, the type systems do not.

Type 1 Animal Print
Type 1 Jeans
Type 1 Purses
Type 1 Jewelry
True/Warm Spring Lippies!
Light Spring Lippies!
Bright Spring Lippies!

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Type 1 Spring Hair

  • animated and random
  • often coarse hair (yang)
  • may have widow's peak
  • gamine androgyny
  • busy brows
  • if curly, kinky curls
  • if blonde, will be warm blonde
  • if brunette, warm (usually curly)
  • unlikely to have black hair
  • if gray, still looks blonde

short hair by type


See how most T1's are blonde?
but it's warm and bright
A few are brunettes.

Type 1 doesn't have to be all about polka dots and appear ditsy.

"I've been looking and re-looking at the posts on type 1 more sophisticated and I realized that i used to own (or still do at the back of the wardrobe) many of those styles and BFF said she thinks I hit a bad patch during my time with my now ex and retreated into many dusty colours that echoed how I felt inside...your blog and your work on here has helped me remember who I am and there's not enough thanks for that..." Samantha

painting by

Awakening Beauty

"Sanguine Temperament: All Is Groovy
The sanguine temperament is characterized by optimism, humor, and a generally upbeat nature.  You're positive, happy, and bent on enjoying life.  Little or nothing gets you down... Sanguines can actually carry the good life a little too far, partly due to an intense curiosity.  You want to study everything.  Life thoroughly fascinates you, and every subject seems to draw your attention... The more the sanguine becomes imbalanced, the less committed you are to any single endeavor or any individual person.  You have trouble getting things done.  You can't concentrate, discipline yourself or work hard.  You become impractical, flighty, and -- like with element with which this temperament is associated -- a little too airy.  You party too much, work too little, and make mistakes too easily... When Sanguine is out of balance, it's time to get real.  The place to start is with a spruce bath.  Spruce has a dense, resinous aroma that grounds the senses and restores our intimate connection with our body and nervous system... In addition to the spruce bath, try vigorous exercise... Eat more cooked whole grains... Whole grains strengthen the nervous system and ground us... Avoid sugar, alcohol and (needless to say) recreational drugs."

Tone I (4)Tone I Jewelry (1) Tone I Pants (1) Tone I Scarves (1) Tone I Shirts (1) Tone I Shoes (1) Tone I Skirts (1) Tone II (6)Tone II Jewelry (1) Tone II Pants (1)Tone II Scarves (1) Tone II Shoes (1)Tone II Skirts (1) Tone III (6) Tone III Jewelry (1) Tone III Pants (1) Tone III Scarves (1) Tone III Shirts (1) Tone III Shoes (1) Tone III Skirts (1) Tone IV(6) Tone IV Jewelry (1) Tone IV Pants(1) Tone IV Scarves (1) Tone IV Shirts(1) Tone IV Shoes (1) Tone IV Skirts (1)true summer (1) Truth (1) twins (4)Type 1 (5) Type 2 (5) Type 2 or 4 (5) Type 3 (4) Type 4 


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