Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color Tester

Irenee Riter

I'm excited because I ordered this very clever color tester.
Update: I got my color tester in the mail.  I'm so excited.  It's awesome.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I will report soon!

I also ordered Irenee's current release of her eBook.

The Science of Personal Dress

"See For Yourself"  

With this Color Tester tool you can see your best colors for yourself and how they compare with other season colors. You will even expand into your Inter-season balanced colors (and have the fun of assisting your family and friends.) The 60 color testers are arranged in harmonic sequence and include 20 half-page testers to determine contrast and show how to combine warm and cool colors in clothing.

Most importantly, the tester has detailed instructions on how to attain the ultimate fine-tuned color analysis. This first time offer, The Color Tester will also be shipped with a bonus 56 page Profile Booklet which has all the color ovals illustrated in full color along with clothing illustrations for both men and women.

The great internet and website response has changed everything―The Science of Personal Dress eBook is so well structured that people can now train on their own. Therefore a Certification Package will be made available under the auspices of Irenee International Inc. The package will be $85.95 while the extra preinted books last. This will enable a person to enjoy the complete scope of the work, have the learning satisfaction of filling out the 7 page exam to qualify for Certification (which is a lot of fun to do,) culminating with a 2 hour on-line telephone session with Irenee for fine-tuning. If you feel inspired to experience this captivating, practical artistic study, see for more details or contact Irenee at 925-462-6255.

I asked Irenee about my eyes:
Hi Irenee,
I wonder if I might impose with a brief question.  Looking at your eye chart a friend suggested my eyes seem bright, when I always thought they were soft.  I've attached some images.  My eye has the summer crackle, with an orange fleck over blue that makes them appear green.
Thank you for your time, and I understand if you are too busy.

Dear Jane,
I am so surprised.  I thought I saw your picture and you had a blue eye.  Wrong person.  Your eye certainly is green, green, green.  Do you know how unusual it is to actually have a green eye?  The sunset is not really red but we say, “Oh what a red sky” when it is arguably orange.   So just consider you eye green and don’t complicate it.  That does indicate Spring Inter-season influence but how much I am not sure until I see everything because your Homebase is vital.  I need to know all your characteristics and am more interested in what your real hair color is (was) and the undertone in your skin.  You will have fun with the tester and then carefully take the questionnaire and then if you wish we can do a bit of a session to make sure you are finely tuned.  It will only get better and better as you see how much sense all this makes.  We never miss. 

Some of my best colors:

cool/dark: blood red, dark pink, hunter green, royal blue, grape, butter yellow, charcoal, plum
cool/light: cranberry, gray, mauve, taupe, off-white/bone
balanced/soft: yellow red, grayed green, dusty teal, pink beige

no black or white

my colors

So I think I'm actually more cool winter than cool summer, but soft.

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Unknown said...

NICE, In fact, you look pale with winter colors. Perhaps this can turns worst with the summer colors.