Saturday, June 9, 2012

colors by season

color spring autumn summer winter
fundamental yellow red blue blue
common symptoms of tones warm, light Warm, earthy, soft cold, dull, not flashy very cold, clear, clean
White eggshell, white coat Champagne milky, gray-white snow, blue
red coral, poppy tomato, orange, brick crimson, burgundy, red wine bright red, ruby
blue cornflower, turquoise, blue and watery violet-blue, pigeon light blue, night blue blue-black, icy-blue
black use the minimum black-brown wet asphalt
yellow lemon, golden corn, egg yolk, mustard chrysanthemum, pale straw Lemon. vanilla
green caddis green (young foliage) pine, olive turquoise, blue-green, mint bluish-green, coniferous
purple amethyst Plum, blackberry lilac. violet, gray-purple blue-violet, red-violet
pink peach, apricot, salmon peach, apricot, orange and pink bluish-pink, old rose, pungent pink, fuchsia icy-pink, tart pink
beige yellow-beige, golden beige brown and beige, camel gray-blue, bluish-gray
gray-blue, bluish-gray.
or avoid
brown light nutty, golden-brown, nougat. coffee, rusty-brown coffee with milk, dirty-brown, milk chocolate
metals yellow yellow, red White
brushed silver
white, black
shiny silver

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