Friday, June 8, 2012

Angela Wright's facial features for types

round or elfin face
quick, light movements
often curly hair
round eyes, usually blue
can also have some green or grey, 
seem changeable
creamy lace covers iris

long face
soft features
curves in face
graceful, stillness little movement
hair is fine, soft
sometimes wavy
eyes have a misty quality,
skin is fine and sensitive
soft voice
uproarious laughter

face has curves, is heavier
body is substantial
hair is thick, sometimes wavy
hazel eyes only appear in this type
tan or gold flecks
expressive eyes
subtle or flamboyant coloring
never cool

well defined, sharp features
high cheekbones
compact body
hair is dramatic,
whether curly or straight
black hair only in this type
eyes have no flecks, no mists, no lace
deep brown or icy blue, crackled

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