Friday, June 8, 2012

Season physical traits

I think this is mostly Caygill.

Physical traits: In general, the eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and chin are often rounded, and very often there are dimples. The shape of the face is usually round or oval. The facial expression is very lively. The body’s contours are rounded and soft, but there are also tall and slim types of spring women. Gathers and ruffles can produce soft effects that correspond to the natural expression of the spring woman.
The face is generally rounded - rounded cheeks, eyes, nose, and chin - or it may be heart shaped with pointed chin.  Usually there are indentations under high cheek bones, and often dimples.
Eyes: Blue or Grey, Umber (golden brown), Ultramarine Blue

Physical traits:
The summer type’s relaxed personality and her soft, calm, melodic voice are characteristic. Her fingers are usually long, slim and pointed. Her gestures are soft and gracious, she’s not clumsy. She walks lightly and elegantly. Her movements are sleek and smooth.
Eyes: Blue or Grey, Ultramarine Blue, Grey Green, Grey Blue, possibly Brown.

Physical traits (these are general tendencies of women with anautumn colour scheme, no individual characterization): just as the mood of autumn is impressive, women with the autumn colour scheme are energetic, secure in their movements, with a firm tread, or wiry and agile. Some representatives are flexible with long legs, very slim and gracious. The facial features are clearly defined, the chin is pronounced. The head is often rather big in relation to the body. The usually striking face shapes the whole appearance. The features are fairly strong and definite.
Eyes: Gold, Brown, Green

Physical traits (these are general tendencies of women with awinter colour scheme, no individual characterization): People with strong contrasts in their colour scheme have a tendency to be slim, have high cheek bones and a slim face. The face shows straight horizontal lines and is clear-defined. Female winter typeshave a graceful posture and impressive charisma, which people respect. Her build is harmonic and reflects the precise definition of a line itself. Winter types create a design for themselves, just as an individual tree or leaf does for itself.
Eyes: Burnt Umber, Green, Gray

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