Sunday, April 15, 2012

How do you find your season?

There are several attributes that are paired up in the seasons, so I will go through them.

Disclaimer: "To determine your true season with 100% certainty, it's necessary to be draped in a variety of colors by a color analyst. S/he analyzes the effects of the various colors on your skin to determine precisely which season's colors are in harmony with your natural coloring." Truth is Beauty


First, are you cool or warm?  Most likely if you are warm, you are Spring or Autumn, and if you are cool, you are Summer or Winter.  How do you tell?  If you have a chance to buy a yard of gold lame' and silver, you can drape yourself at home.  Also, if you go into a department store and try on a gold bracelet and a silver one, you will notice one hand will "age" and the other will look younger and healthier.  Gold is warm and silver is Cool.  Note: some people are neutral.  Also, you can look at the color cast of the skin around your eyes.  Another factor is the color tone of the veins on your arms.

Then what is your dominant characteristic?  Deep or Light?  Soft or Clear?

Hue--is the name of the color that can be perceived as Cool or Warm

Value-- change of color from white to black , so it means Dark or Light

Chroma-- Whether the color appears Clear or Muted (Soft)

12 Season System
There is a new 16 Season System
Dark+Cool= Dark Winter
Dark+ Warm= Dark Autumn
Light +Warm= Light Spring
Light+ Cool= Light Summer
Clear+Cool= Clear Winter
Clear+ Warm= Clear Spring
Soft+ Warm= Soft Autumn
Soft+ Cool = Soft Summer
Warm+ Clear= Warm Spring
Warm+ Soft/dark= Warm Autumn
Cool + Soft/Light= Cool Summer
Cool+ Clear/dark= Cool Winter

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Spring with Autumn: True Spring, Glorious Spring
warm spring 
WARM and Clear

Spring with Summer: Pastel Spring

Spring with Winter: Bright Spring, Striking Spring
CLEAR and Warm

Summer with Winter: True Summer, Moonlight Summer
COOL and Soft/Light

Summer with Autumn: Indian Summer

Summer with Spring: Sunshine Summer

Autumn with Spring: Golden Autumn
WARM and Soft/Dark

Autumn with Winter: Dark Autumn, Striking Autumn
    Autumn with Summer
    WARM and SOFT

    Winter with Summer
    COOL and Clear/Dark
    Winter with Spring
    COOL and CLEAR

    Winter with Autumn
    COOL and DEEP

    A big factor in Color Analysis (not DYT or IE) is your eye color:  read about Eye Types.

    You can also determine your specific type by using lipstick to do a lip drape.

    There is a free quiz at Pretty Your World. or Analyze yourself there.

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