Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Makeup Makes Women Seem More Competent, Study Says

So implies the study's results as reported in The New York Times by Catherine Saint Louis. What is particularly interesting is the finding that  wearing makeup increases others' perceptions of  the made up woman's "likeability, competence and trustworthiness." The study's lead author, an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University must have gone out and bought new, pricier make up after reviewing these discoveries. Along with the pricier look giving her a boost in self-esteem, she will hold her head up with pride; the investigator also claims to have found some evidence that women feel more confident after they have put on make up.

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"That’s what is exciting to me about this recent study on makeup, attractiveness, and likability. Researcher Nancy Etcoff, psychologist and author of Survival of the Prettiest, conducted a study (backed by cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble, but we’ll get to that) that examined personality traits we connect with makeup use. Participants were shown photos of 25 different women, each shown in four different “faces” of makeup, from none at all to “the natural look” to daytime professional to “glamorous.” (See image above.) One group looked at each picture for one-quarter of a second; the other group had unlimited time to look at each. They were then asked to rate how competent, likable, attractive, and trustworthy the person in the photo was."

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