Thursday, April 19, 2012

Testimonial from a Friend

an example of the 4 types and tones
[Only the 4 can wear black (and not even all of them)...]

"As an ENFP I have been typed as a Tone 3 in IE, a T3 in DYT, and an Autumn in both Seasonal Colors and by being professionally draped. I have a strong secondary of Tone 1 and T1, so I have learned to combine the seasons, tones, and types to fit me. I cannot stay in just one system as that does not seem to work for me. I love bright happy colors and feel good wearing them. What has seemed to work for me is deepening my colors of turquoise to teals, my purples and mauves to deeper purples and mauves. I still experiment with exchanging black for dark brown but have kept a few black items that I really like. I have added some chocolate and carmel and deep reds to my colors and those seem to work well. I don't care particularly for orange so have tried some corals, but not quite at the point that I include orange or coral items in my wardrobe. I have been experimenting with these various systems for a few years and before I just wore what I liked. Jane Leu Rekas is going to make suggestions on makeup and eye colors from Mary Kay for me. I am looking forward to her suggestions. I am in my late 60's and love fashion and can wear purple before I am old! Life has been such an interesting journey for me filled with love, hope, compassion, joy and sorrow and of course fashion and loving brilliant colors."  Peggy

Warm Autumn Palette

Peggy's strong secondary 1 seems to come from her spring visual elements, blonde hair and turquoise eyes.

A 3/1 might well be a Warm Autumn
a lot of Kimberly's pins are of Warm Autumn palettes

Makeup Suggestions for Peggy:

Since Peggy's eyes are a bright turquoise, the complementary color range would include browns with orange tones (she's gonna hate that!).  
Creme Eye Colors

Mineral Eye Colors

So I'm gonna send her the Chocolate Color Card that at least has the Amber Blaze color to "try before you buy."

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