Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Geek into Makeup

my freshman yearbook picture 1979
I was no looker in high school.  In fact, I was a social recluse.  So that sent me off into a fantasy land about beauty and an obsession with fashion magazines.  I also used to watch Style with Elsa Klensch.

How did you learn about makeup? I think I checked out books from the library, and learned from magazine articles what I could.  Did you learn from friends?  Did your mom teach you anything about makeup?

One book I bought in adulthood that is great is called, Making Faces.
Making Faces

(The late) Kevyn Aucoin's faces appeared in editorial features, fashion shows, music videos, and advertising campaigns as well as on the covers of virtually every major magazine. He was a guest on many television programs, including Oprah, the Today show, Good Read more at Amazon's Kevyn Aucoin Page

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