Monday, November 24, 2014

My Janeaology

why I'm interested in color and psychology, or rather how my ancestors were too

This blog represents my interest in exploring psychology (beyond my job as a licensed clinical social worker) and appearance, color and style. Look through my growing list of ebooks. I am the great granddaughter of Willi Aeppli a Waldorf educator withRudolf Steiner, color and temperament philosopher. My late father, Felix Leu, was a world reknown tattoo artist. There are many other artists and psychologists in my family. Also look to the "categories" section below, for links to all previous topics! I'm really not a narrative blogger, more of a collector of information, driving for synthesis and comparison. If you leave a comment, I usually try to reply by finding your email. If you have an anonymous blogger account I can't do that. If you want a response please use thecontact formJane's Type

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My Janeaology

Jane Rekas, LCSW
Many authors mention Type:
Mindful of our Makeup
Makeover Assists
Color & Type Bookstore
Four Types
MBTI, Four Humors, etc.
Humor Me Temperamental Coaching

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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