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Warm Spring vs Warm Autumn: how do you tell the difference?

If your dominant quality is WARM, how do you know if you are Spring or Autumn?  and actually Warm means you are either Spring/Autumn or Autumn/Spring, so which comes first?

Disclaimer: ideally you should be draped in person

Note: Not all Warms are redheads, and you can have warm pale skin! Warm means you have a yellow or orange undertone to your skin.

GLORIOUS SPRING — (Spring – Autumn, aka Warm Spring) red to light blonde red or yellow blonde, with freckled skin.  Hair has glassy quality.  Skin tone has yellow undertone.  Eyes may be blue, aqua, turquoise, golden green, yellow brown or hazel.  Eyes may contain orange or wine. (Skin around the eyes will be yellow in Springs).  [spring-autumn personality description]

Amy's eye

The GLORIOUS SPRING (Spring-Autumn) looks very close to an Golden Autumn, and these two are the hardest to discern between, and they can actually share the most between palettes.  They may be Classic, Natural or Romantic.   [spring-autumn personality description]
In Color Me A Season, it is noted that Warm Spring and Warm Autumn are the hardest seasons to discern and they can wear the most of each other's palettes.

GOLDEN AUTUMN — (Autumn-Spring, aka Warm Autumn) Blonde Autumns (with possible red tinge, full red heads may also be included, or may be Absolute Autumns below) . Squared face that may be round or thin.  Olive green, green, steel blue or warm brown eyes, with gold or brown speckles (that make eye look olive green).  Skin has medium golden orange brown under tone.  Eyes may be hazel (possibly containing some blue), golden green, yellow brown.  Eyes may contain orange or wine. (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [autumn-spring personality description]

Marcia's eye
The GOLDEN AUTUMN (Autumn-Spring, or red haired Absolute Autumn) looks a lot like a Glorious Spring, as these two are the hardest to tell apart.  They may be Creative Natural (sporty) or Alluring Classic.

ABSOLUTE AUTUMN — Red hair does not always mean you are Autumn, but copper red (or metallic brown) hair does. We also find some Autumns who have a neutral beige hair coloring. Most Autumns share a very warm under toned complexion, especially when they get “worked up ” Angular face, squared jaw with beautiful cheekbones.  Eyes may be brown, olive green, steel blue, with bits of rust, gold or brown.  
(These are CMAS descriptions).

Warm Spring personality by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore
CMAS GLORIOUS SPRING —  [spring-autumn personality description]

Warm Autumn personalities
Warm Autumn personalities by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore
CMAS GOLDEN AUTUMN —  [autumn-spring personality description]

How do Amy Adams and Marica Cross compare in warm tints and shades? 

The reds, greens and browns are for the main seasons, not specific to the subseason.

A Warm Spring should be best in tints, but second best in shades. A Warm Autumn should be best in shades, but second best in warm tints.


I can better imagine Amy in a red dress in this red tint.

This red rust shade is a bit too deep and rich for Amy, but works for Marcia.

According to  Truth-is-Beauty, richburgundy has is a warm autumn dealbreaker.
This swatch is a bit too muted an example.


Both could probably wear this apple green tint, but it's better for Amy.

Olive green works for Marcia but washes Amy out.

Bright blue is a True Spring dealbreaker at Truth-is-Beauty.
It contrasts well with red hair, but is better for Amy.


This Spring tan tint is much better on Amy, as it isn't substantial enough for Marcia.
Springs need very clean browns, tans and sands,
made with high chroma pigments that reflect light.

This is the brown used in CMAS for Autumn.

Autumns need low chroma browns that are dulled shades.

 CONTRAST: Warm Spring and Warm Autumn are both probably medium contrast.


Warm Springs not not wear white.  They also do not wear black (except maybe Jeweltone Summers, see Springs wearing black). Instead they wear tan, dark brown, golden brown, stone, camel and buff. They wear TINTS.  

The Warm Spring and Warm Autumn neutrals are very close.  These Warm Spring neutrals should be tints that reflect light.

Springs need very clean browns, tans and sands made
with high chroma pigments that reflect light.

Warm Autumn, like other Autumns, do not wear white or black (see Autumns wearing black). Instead they wear warm brown, medium brown, brown taupe, sienna beige and cream. They wear SHADES.

The Warm Autumn (or Absolute Autumn) are much better on Marcia.

Autumns need dull browns with low chroma pigment.


Glorious Spring
Golden Autumn (Absolute)

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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