Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jane Segerstrom

Sources of DYT?

Jane Segerstrom
There is another out of print set of books that also has a four type system:
Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo...  c) 1980
Style Strategy: Winning the Appearance Game  c) 1988


"Personality is a useful tool for indicating one's Type, but appearance is equally effective .  If the two were in opposition we'd have a dilemma, but they aren't.  Recent independent research by Frances Quinn, Suzanne Caygill, Joan Songer and Don Cardwell in the San Francisco Bay area has proven one's coloring, bone structure and personality mutually reinforcing.  You're made right." p. 23 Look Like Yourself and Love It.
Style Strategy out of print

Milwaukie Journal 1989 diagram explaining jane segerstrom's style strategy book "Signature Style" summary chart pg130-131.(segerstrom owns the trademark "Signature Style.")middle-clothing items worn by all 4 types.segerstrom's #type1#type2,#type3#type4themes & clothes are on the outer part.between 2 types are clothing items worn by both of those 2 types. gives better understanding of all 4 types & related systems like #dyt, caygill, etc  From pinterest

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