Monday, April 8, 2013

Comments on my Color Tester Results

Sorry this graphic is so terrible.  It's a pic from my iphone.  I should scan it, instead. But here's the summary.

Colors at the top of the wheel are warm, and beneath are cool.  If they are in the middle (or sides) they are obviously balanced.  Roughly the top left is Spring, the top right is Autumn, the bottom left is Winter and the bottom right is Summer.

An argument can certainly be made for Summer with Winter influence, or it's sister, Winter with Summer influence. It is probably true, that without black and white, how can I be a true Winter?  (But Taylore Sinclaire says not all T4s can wear black....).  I think the issue is I wear the darker cool colors better than the light.  Many people want to say that I'm Soft, but what I think they are seeing is the third influence of Autumn.  (Also I do have red highlights and green eyes).

I only have two warm colors (lime green and turquoise, which I'm not likely to wear often anyway), with the majority of my colors being cool, and next being balanced.  Just because more people ("everyone") can wear balanced colors, doesn't mean I throw them out of my total equation.  I have some warmth and if I dress all cool, it looks off.  The clear colors I can wear are a warmer purple and cherry red.  The soft colors I can wear are yellow red, grayed green, dusty teal and pink beige.  So then we have cool.  The dark cool colors I can wear are all but black, white and charcoal brown.  I can wear 50% of the light cool colors.

P.S. If I could fully accept being a Summer, I wouldn't be blogging anymore!  Ha!  Another reason I flip more towards Winter is my height.  Read what several systems say about height.  Honestly, as a woman of 5'10" if I dress as feminine as a full Summer, I look like I'm in drag. 8')

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


Anne B said...

I agree that your height lends weight to Winter or T4 or to Dramatic. But I also think that you can wear Summer/winter colors adapted to your form.

For example, I am a Summer in almost every system of color there is. But I would not be caught dead in ruffles, lace and dainty jewelry! I have a more Autumn form (in Riter's system). I am rather a square or rectangle with circle forms in my face and breasts. I have dainty wrists but relatively large hands. I have absolutely no waist.

So even though I wear Summer, some Winter and a few Autumn colors, most of my clothing follows Autumn forms, especially from the waist down. Same with shoes, jewelry and handbags. But I follow the Summer round form suggestions for my jackets - shaped through the waist and relatively short. No boxy for me!

I know you want to find the perfect system. And I hope you do. I will read your blog with expectation. But let me leave you with this thought, perhaps you could take what you like in each system and leave the rest. It is messy to do that and not very satisfying to your INTJ tendencies. So keep searching. I look forward to following your progress. Anne

Jane Leu Rekas said...

@Anne, thank you, that is really helpful. I do think it's about coming to terms with a blend of systems. I would never dress full T4, nor full girly T2, but I want to find a blend of styles, with some T3 as well. Maybe I should give up trying to find a Seasons label for it?